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September 29, 2011

Espresso- It's Not Just for Adults Anymore

My thanks to Beaba for graciously working with me and providing me with a complimentary Bib'expresso to review. For more information on the Bib'expresso, please visit

At first glance, it looks like a very exotic espresso-maker. Or perhaps a futuristic Diet Pepsi dispenser. But those of you who have been around here long enough know how very excited I get about anything even remotely related to baby products, which just so happens to include the Bib'expresso, a bottle warmer. While we're currently breastfeeding around these parts, I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to check out something which could potentially render my microwave useless. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to relinquish my role as Boob Slave for a few hours, a title which was passed to the hubs as he has now begun giving our little girl occasional bottles of pumped milk. Oh the freedom!
Behold, the Bib'expresso, lovingly created to keep your babies' mouths from being burnt by food that was in the microwave just a little too long. Manufactured by Beaba, this baby boasts a water bath mode to heat food and pre-made bottles for the breastmilk community, an instant prep mode for the formula folks, and a sterilizing compartment if you're as paranoid about germs as I am.

We tested out the water bath mode first, since that could be used along with pumped milk, and were pleasantly surprised to find that it heated the bottle to a safe temperature within a few moments. Granted, it wasn't as quick or convenient as using a microwave, but the slow and even heating process prevented any serious burns to the little lady's mouth. Around our house, we like to keep those to a minimum until our kids are old enough to chug a mug of hot coffee. Not that I'm speaking from personal experience on that one.

Though we aren't using formula yet, we tested out the instant prep mode and I seriously considered ditching my title as Boob Slave forever and always, amen. If there is one reason to buy this product, it's the instant prep. Though the information from Beaba states that it will heat a bottle within 90 seconds,  our five-ounce bottle was warm and ready in 30 seconds.

That's practically faster than a speeding bullet and when your baby is crying and you're trying to keep your toddler from base-jumping off of your front railing while making a bottle, you know the value of this.

The sterilization mode is the icing on this baby gear cake. Throw a few bottles in the container along with some water, add your microwave to the mix, and voila- it's time to go find something else upon which to release your Clorox-induced vengeance.

All in all, the Bib'expresso does exactly what it claims- it heats baby food quickly and safely. As an added bonus, it acts as a conversation piece as it sits out on your kitchen counter and your friends try to guess what it actually does. But while you're making up a story about some type of newfangled razor that shaves your legs while you're sleeping, that machine will be keeping your kiddo from a burnt mouth.

While this piece of baby gear is arguably pretty luxurious, the price tag makes it a bit hard to come by. Retailing at $129, the Bib'expresso is perfectly suited for baby registries or the extra piece of gear you just HAVE TO HAVE.

For those of us who would rather buy diapers than convince the hubs that splurging on another piece of gear is tantamount to investing in the baby's college education, a microwave will have to do. While it's not as fancy or as mysterious as it sits out in your kitchen, with a little bit of caution, it too can heat your baby's bottle just fine.

The fine print: While I was provided with a free Bib'expresso for the purposes of a review, the opinions I've expressed, especially those concerning the love/hate relationship I have with my microwave, are my own. My thanks to Beaba, the Clever Girls Collective for working with me on this review and for supporting Blog with Integrity.


  1. the bib expresso really cought my attention. That is an awsome idea really cool.Microwaves over heat the milk and can burn your children. The bib expresso is a really good idea congrats!!

  2. Great review, I've heard of these and wondered how they worked! Thanks for sharing. amber :)

  3. Oh, now I SO want one, now that I'm staring my 6 month old on food! But, you're right, the price tag would send the hubs into a fit ranting about the TWO bottle warmers I've already purchased. But, I always say "You get what you pay for" and I didn't pay as much as this thing costs for both of them. Hmm... can you send them my way for a product review? Lovebug would really appreciate it! ;) Lol.

  4. Babies are so spoiled these days, but I guess everyone wants what's best for their children. At least the price point seems reasonable.