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September 9, 2011

After All

Over the last three weeks, we've received the same question from many of you so I thought it warranted sharing this publicly. Remember how brokenhearted I was to have our big gender surprise ruined when I was eight months pregnant?

Now that Evelyn is no longer taking up my precious lung capacity, I can tell all of you that the technician actually said "his" during the ultrasound when referring to our baby, which led Jonathan and I to believe that purchasing stock in Tonka Trucks would be a financially brilliant move. Time for a new toy, boys? NO PROBLEM!

Clearly, that's not exactly how things went down in the delivery room, but truth be told, I couldn't be any more excited about having a daughter! And we got our surprise after all.
Snuggles with Daddy


  1. So exciting! Glad you guys got your surprise after all, even if it means investing in some new pink baby gear :)