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August 10, 2011

When Will We Learn?

Last night, the weather was actually nice around these parts, meaning that we could go outside without our parkas or swimsuits. It was shockingly mild outside so we took full advantage of it and enjoyed a nice, long family walk. It was the perfect end to a perfect evening.

And then we got home.

It wasn't quite the little man's bedtime yet so we hung out in the living room with Jonathan and Nathaniel both equally amused by the 99-cent app I recently purchased from the Apple Market, Talking Carl. Seriously, folks. I should've taken a video of the two of them because watching my two boys laughing hysterically at a red cartoon character burping his way across the screen was priceless.

As a side note, I'm desperately outnumbered here. Please send more estrogen my way.

But then the toddler got his hands on Jonathan's phone and, for those of you who remember what happened last time, it should've been one of those situations where we were instantly leaping across the room superman-style to snatch it from those little fingers before he remembered how to risk getting his parents arrested.

Before we knew it, there was the tell-tale voicemail beep and Jonathan and I looked up at each other and knew exactly what had happened. Sure enough, we were right.

Voicemail: This is the St. Paul Police Department. It sounded as though as child was playing with your phone, but if you have an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

So when will we learn not to give in to the toddler's cell phone domination plans? At this point, we're just hoping to perfect this parenting skill before we have two kids playing with our phones.


  1. Last week I gave my almost 2-year-old my phone to try to stave off a meltdown while we were at Pizza Hut and he somehow took a picture and texted it to my dad and then bought and downloaded a terrible country song ringtone. When I got the phone away from him it said "Thank you for your purchase." I added a parental block to prevent more purchases. We've yet to have any 911 calls, he seems to be more interested in surfing the web (which is not on our plan, so we have to pay for it every time he accesses it). And yet, I keep giving him the phone.

  2. I think he wants to be a cop and is trying to get in good with the dispatchers early....

  3. Well, the toddler WAS awfully fond of the cool gear that the police officer wore the day that I locked us out of our car and had to be rescued by the local cops! Maybe he's doing it INTENTIONALLY.