August 25, 2011

When Counting Fails Miserably

The following conversation took place yesterday during World War III, which is more commonly known in the Western world as toddler nap time. Over an hour and several ineffective discipline strategies into the process of laying the little man down, I realized that we were getting nowhere. Since the baby had pooped and my butt had long since fallen asleep from sitting on that hard floor, I resorted to the last tactic I had up my sleeve- counting.

Me: Nathaniel, you aren't obeying mama. You need to lay down. One...

Nathaniel: One.

Me: Two...

Nathaniel: Two!

Me: What happens if I get to three?

Nathaniel: [Shouts triumphantly] THREE!

Needless to say, I barely managed to keep a straight face in light of his excitement. But he did eventually lay back down so I'm still chalking this up as a win for team parenthood.


  1. We only recently got past the novelty of counting enough to use it in discipline lol, but before that he would say the numbers following the one we just said and we wound up laughing too!

  2. Awe, we started counting, thanks to you :D and it has been working well, but I feel your pain. Sometimes they are just way too cute to not laugh!!! Don't you love this stage?