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August 11, 2011

Week 38

I know I'm a bit tardy to the party since it's already Thursday morning and we're over halfway through week 39, but now we're so close to the end of this journey, or so THEY keep telling me. That said, if THEY say that we're-so-close and why-can't-I-just-enjoy-these-days ONE MORE TIME, THEY are going to find themselves as the recipients of my all-time favorite award for irritating people, The Bird.

Truth be told, I thought we were so close at 36 weeks when I lost my cork, or for those of you who are eating breakfast right now, my mucus plug. Yes, I just said mucus on my blog. Enjoy your toast and eggs.

Anyhow, those of you who are still following along may realize that I didn’t actually go into labor at 36 weeks since my due date is looming over my head this weekend and I’m waddling so much that people are starting to mistake me for a penguin. Yet despite it all, this week was surprisingly good as I finally accepted the fact that I can’t force my body into labor (no matter how many labor cupcakes I was ready to eat). And even though I’m still doing everything humanly possible to encourage this kid to make an entrance before our induction date next week, I'm much more relaxed about the whole situation now. You know, as long as it doesn't involve an IV and a Pitocin drip.
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  1. You know I went in at 40 weeks to be induced. Before that I was having mild contractions. I received 2 Pitocin drips & 2 Cervadil. & my body & baby rejected it. Although, induction did not work for me, I feel my baby just didn't want to come that way. Good luck with baby #2.

  2. I lost my mucus plug early, too. My doctor says it can grow back. Sure enough I lost at least two more. Fun! ; ) Thinking about you!

  3. I got very close to losing my mind when people kept telling me to enjoy the end of my pregnancy since I wasn't going to be pregnant again or that the baby was going to come "any day". I say flip them the bird. I bottled up my frustration and it gave me anxiety attacks (see I wasn't kidding when I said I almost lost my mind) so that clearly doesn't work.

    Hugs to you!