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August 1, 2011

Week 37

Now at the end of week 37 (technically 38 weeks pregnant), I'm sporting a belly the size o' Texas, getting rude comments from complete strangers, and ever so ready to hear those magical words of encouragement from our midwife- YOU'VE DROPPED. Unfortunately, judging by the fact that this baby is so high that I'm surprised I haven't coughed him or her up my esophagus yet, I don't think we'll be hearing those words anytime soon. Still... miracles happen. And regarding miracles, a recent discussion with my sister helped me to solidify my hopes for an ideal labor.

Sister: You'll have the baby soon, don't worry.

Me: Hopefully, but if this baby doesn't drop on its own, I may not get the natural labor I wanted.

Sister: It'll happen. Stop worrying.

Me: BUT... maybe God could teleport the baby out of my womb!! Dude. That would be awesome and as an added bonus, no drugs necessary!

Sister: You're a sci-fi nerd.

So while I'm not holding out for that exact type of supernatural delivery, those of us around these parts are starting to get our hopes up for a little progress so we can avoid that dreaded word that will be tossed around if this baby starts to get just a wee bit too big, INDUCTION. Come on baby, we're all cheering for you! Drop! Drop!
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  1. here's to hoping baby is ready to see what this big ole world has to offer....and I think discovering teleportation for labor...would be amazing!!! I'd buy stock!

  2. I know! What a great industry that would be... I know I'd sign up for it in a heartbeat!!

  3. Remember, with subsequent pregnancies you can drop just as labor begins! But as a fellow sci-fi nerd and woman, teleportation sounds good too!

  4. Oh I really hope that's what is going on with my body- I wouldn't mind dropping just as labor begins. Then again, I would still prefer teleportation. Just sayin ;)

  5. The night before my induction, I asked my husband the same thing about teleportation. I mean, come on, the things technology can do these days and we still have to give birth the old fashioned way? Please.

    Also, where did you find those drawer pulls on the new baby's dresser? I'm refinishing one right now and having a hard time finding pulls like that.