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August 4, 2011

Making the Call

At the beginning of this week, the hubs and I headed in for two appointments- an ultrasound and a midwife checkup. And despite the fact that I've now had more than ten ultrasounds between my two pregnancies, I still can't help that giddy nervous feeling each time before I see one of my babies. Now if only I could see that second baby on the outside, we'd be golden.

Hint hint, baby. Follow the exit signs downward.

The ultrasound tech did the measurements and told us that she thought our baby was looking like an eight-pounder at this point. Not bad, right? With those measurements, this one could practically walk itself out of my womb after my firstborn, how shall we say it, paved the way. Or steamrollered his way out of my body. In other words, it's just amazing I'm still in one piece after pushing The Head out of my nether regions.

But our midwife appointment wasn't quite so enjoyable. For the second week in a row, we were told we had made zero progress toward labor. And while it wasn't quite as devastating to hear that this week since I'd braced myself for it, I certainly wasn't farting rainbows when I heard those words.

And that was when the other shoe dropped. I knew it was coming and I'd been preparing myself for it for the past 38 weeks, but suddenly it was there in all of its ugly glory, INDUCTION.

Now, to be fair, my midwife is fully aware of how we want our birth to go down. We've had the talk, she's on-board with our plan, and everything is hunky dory should this baby ever decide to cooperate. But since we're now at the point in this pregnancy where the baby is gaining half a pound every week, we also have to be realistic. While delivering an eight-pounder right now would be a breeze compared to last time, the possibility of going over our due date brings with it the very real chance that we could be delivering another super-size me type of baby. The kind of size they don't want me pushing out of my vagina again, thank you very much and hallelujah.

The hubs and I were given a choice that we proceeded to wrestle with for the next few days: induction on the twelfth of August (a day before our due date), or the option to wait and let the baby come on its own terms, provided that those terms don't include waiting til a man in a red suit is squirming his way down our chimney.

It wasn't an easy decision, despite the fact that I have desperately wanted the opportunity to try for a natural childbirth throughout this entire pregnancy. With the possibility of going over our due date very real at this point, there are risks to be considered and, this time, it isn't just Jonathan and I. While I may have been more than a little reckless in a past life, I already have a son and it's my responsibility to make good choices so I will be around for him for a very long time. For the record, that includes plenty of years to embarrass him at school dances, insist that he has his love interest home before curfew, and, God willing, coo over my own grandchildren some day.

Jonathan and I wrestled with it. We prayed over it. And, in the end, decided on what we feel is the best choice for the baby and I.

As it stands, we won't be induced.

Sure, things could change between now and the twelfth, but short of some type of emergency (which, unfortunately, does not include nuclear heartburn), we've made our plan. We've committed to being patient and waiting for our baby to be ready to arrive, no matter how miserable it makes me over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I'm going to be trying every trick in the book to start things naturally, including that rumor about labor-inducing cupcakes. Because every girl needs an excuse to eat a few of those sweet delights, pregnant or not.


  1. I was able to go natural, that is with no pain meds, even though I was induced with Pitocin. Don't give up your hopes of a "natural" birth if you have to be induced. You can do it :) So glad they gave you the option to wait though, I didn't have that luxury! :)

  2. I am totally in agreement with your plans to not induce. I induced with #1 because he was 10 days "past due" and it led to eventual c-section. I am a big believer that your body knows best.
    I just wrote a blog post about my experience with interventions, so feel free to check it out and it'll definitely make you feel good about your decision!

  3. cupcakes? i'm at the point where i'm trying everything too!

  4. Yes, CUPCAKES. I'm going to try making them this afternoon so I'll post the recipe and results afterward :)

  5. When I was PG with my first, I went 10 days past my due date. I begged my OB to induce me. He said, "the baby chooses when to come out. Not the mother." So I had to suck it up and wait it out, but would have gladly been induced if he'd let me!

  6. I don't recall - were you induced with your first? I hear so many different induction stories, some bad some good. I was induced two days after due date due to high blood pressure. At the time of inducing, I had made 0 progress toward labor and it ended up being a wonderful experience which didn't take forever. (Vaginal suppository overnight kicked in contractions - water broke and pitocin started at 9am, baby arrived at 3pm) That being said, I also know others who've had bad experiences. You never know, I guess. In the meantime, I will pray LO decides to come soon on his/her own!

  7. Thanks Renee! And I wasn't induced with my first- my water broke after I had my membranes stripped for a second time. They did load me up on Pitocin after that, but I was glad things started on their own. Unfortunately, my cervix hasn't been favorable enough yet to be able to have my membranes stripped. Hopefully if nothing starts up before next week, that will be a possibility when we see our midwife next time!

  8. I think you made the right choice. Aren't the measurements by ultrasound only an estimate anyway? My friend was convinced to be induced because they said her baby was 9+ lbs at 38.5 weeks, and he came out 7 lbs 2 oz with lungs that weren't completely ready yet.

  9. You made the right choice. I was induced and it did not go so well. They told me I was having a 9lbs baby and he ended up being 7lbs 5oz. I ended up having to have a c-section. I am ok with it all because my baby boy is happy and healthy and that is all that matters!
    I tried every trick in the book to kick start my labor - including the dreaded pineapple!! :( I blogged about it, stop by if you want to read about someone elses heartburn misery while chewing on some tums ;)