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August 16, 2011

Four Days

It's been four days. Four since my due date. Four since I checked Twitter. Four since I signed onto Facebook. Four since I thought I would be holding my baby in my arms.

The past few days have been rough going, both physically and emotionally, but somehow God has given me the grace I needed to pull through it all. Chasing the toddlerzilla around the house when I'm barely able to roll my aching hips out of bed in the morning? Not an easy task I tell you, but somehow we're soldiering on with a lot of prayer, a nightly dose of Benadryl, and an amount of Diet Pepsi that I could never publicly admit to on this blog.

Those of you who follow the state of my cervix via Twitter or my endless reasons for procrastinating housework on Facebook may have noticed that I'm suddenly absent from those websites. As of Saturday, I took my wise husband's advice and kissed social media goodbye. No Facebook. No Twitter. No text messaging.

Until the baby arrives.

Suddenly, the pressure of everyone asking if the child had emerged from my fertile loins was too much. Everywhere I looked, I was reminded of the fact that I was overdue and that the baby I expected to have in my arms at no later than 40 weeks was still firmly entrenched in the space that my lungs used to occupy. While I appreciated the support and excitement from family and friends, I just couldn't take it any longer. And when faced with a few other stressful situations which reared their ugly heads this past weekend, I broke down.

Knowing that he was dealing with a dangerously hormonal pregnant woman, my husband gently suggested that I kick the social media habit for a few days. Gentlemen, you would be wise to take a lesson from this man. When talking to a hysterical woman who could easily mistake your fingers for the nearest french fry stand, always utilize the words I'm saying this with a lot of love... Those words will take you far in this life. And they may even get you some lovin', though there's no guarantee of that unless you present your pregnant woman with a bouquet of french fries.

Fast food not withstanding, the final week of our pregnancy has begun. A visit to our midwife yesterday was encouraging, but it didn't come with the guarantee that we can forgo our induction plans later this week. While the exact day is currently up in the air, my pancake of a bladder is taking solace in the fact that I will be holding a baby in my arms by next week.

And I will be able to pee like a normal person again. Just four more days.


  1. Wow! You are strong! Why does four days away from social media seem like an eternity, and how does that make me sound? :)

    The hardest part of a pregnancy is the end, and sending positive thoughts your way! Goo luck on your newest adventure!

  2. Oh Momma . . . the last few weeks and days are so rough. Not to mention for how long your docs were concerned about early labor. I think if they make you go through all these tests and then you end up going past your due date I think they should foot the hospital bill ;)

    Hang in there! :) Praying for you guys!

  3. Hang in there! Maybe this is a sign that you're about to have a really mellow baby - that would totally be worth it!

  4. In the same boat on the social media (and public places for that matter) topic... I LOVE everyone's support, but the only thing that comes out of anyone's mouth anymore is something along the lines of, "still pregnant?' or 'haven't had that baby yet?' or 'you need to get that baby out!' As if any of those things help me feel calm and reassured that God's timing is far better than my own! Now that our due date has come and gone, I may join you in your social media temporary boycott! :-)

    Been thinking about you and praying for you! Can't wait to meet your new addition!

  5. Oh girl, I've been there. The last few weeks seem to take as long as the rest of the entire pregnancy combined. I remember the annoyance I felt with the well-intentioned people with all kinds of "helpful" comments or advice! Babies have their own (sometimes frustrating!) timetable but I'm hoping this little one takes some sympathy on momma and comes in a few days! Thinking of you!

  6. Praying for you Mama!! ((HUG))