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July 9, 2011

Week 34

After many, many reader requests, I have finally decided to bring back the Peanut Gallery series! Those of you who were following this series may have noticed a sudden decline in photos around week 24, which I could attribute to the fact that we moved. Or that we had a house-purging garage sale. Or the hours I spent finishing the toddler's room. Or new photo-editing software. Or our week of panic thinking that the baby might just be arriving in DAYS instead of WEEKS. Or our current unfinished nursery project.

But despite the missing weeks and the fact that I'm currently breathing into a paper bag since I've been reminded that our nursery is VERY far from being finished, the Peanut Gallery is back (for now, at least). So, for your viewing pleasure, my enormous belly. Enjoy.
Click image to launch week 34.


  1. Adorable! Glad to see the bump back and hope it is here to stay for SEVERAL more weeks while that baby cooks a little longer :-)

  2. Thanks! And I agree, much as I'm hoping to go a little early, this kiddo needs to bake a bit longer!

  3. You look great! :) SO excited for you but hoping that baby bakes a little longer!