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July 28, 2011

The Ugly Truth

After having the same conversation with no fewer than six different people, I decided that I needed to post this to clear up a few misconceptions about the details of our lives right now. You know, miniscule little things like bringing another life into the world, changing our entire family dynamic, and altering the whole of life as we know it. And finally being able to ingest an UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF CAFFEINE EVERY SINGLE DAY!

As far as misconceptions go, this one is entirely my fault, mostly because I didn't have the heart to go into detail after our last midwife appointment with the whole of the Western world and my two readers from Rwanda (waves hello). But here it is, the truth of it all:


It's true. If this kiddo needs a little more time to finish baking in there, then BAKE AWAY. Heck, it gives me another excuse to hit up Wendy's before I have to start worrying about the scale in earnest once again. But what I am not okay with, what is making my life absolutely miserable, is the current state of this pregnancy.

Here's how the ugly truth went down, folks. At our last midwife appointment, we found out that we had actually made NEGATIVE progress toward labor. That's right, instead of making progress toward getting this child out of my body or even staying at the same point as the week before, WE LOST GROUND.

This news did not go over well with the hormonal, pregnant lady.

I cried. Several times. Mostly because I can't handle the idea that I could potentially have over a month left of heartburn that could burn through a nuclear silo. Or the kind of rib pain that makes me wish that I would be run over by a Mac truck.

But in the midst of the tears, I decided that there was only one decent way to handle this latest disappointment. We packed up the toddler.
Stroller Baby
And we walked ourselves down to the local Dairy Queen where we indulged in a potentially life-threatening amount of ice cream and sugar. It was pure bliss.
Dairy Queen Bliss
And the toddler felt free to help himself to our treats. Because what's his is his and what's ours is his, the great toddler mantra.
Ice Cream Toddler
So if you're a praying person or just want to think positive thoughts for us, we could use some right now. Even if it means that this baby stays put for awhile yet, I really need a bit of encouragement to feel as though I will get to wear real clothes once again. Maternity shirts are highly overrated and, let's be honest, a nudist colony in Minnesota just isn't practical.

So I'm raising my bowl of ice cream to all of you. A toast... to progress at our next appointment!


  1. well, there is a nudist colony in East Bethel so if you really wanted to you's there. also, I know pregnancy gets to the point of just annoying but just know that there is an end to it. I just try to cherish each kick, roll & bladder punch because it might be the last time I feel it. I will be praying for you & in the meantime you stay comfortable & eat lots of DQ.

  2. Good luck, hun! I'll be praying for you!!

  3. I found your blog because FB suggested we become friends! I go to RVC and work in the kids area! My son is almost 15 months and after tomorrow I am officially a stay at home mom and couldnt be more excited about it! You have such a fun blog! I blog too but its pretty boring and more to just keep up with the little guy and family around the world. I will be praying your sweet baby comes out soon so you can enjoy the rest of the HUMID weather not pregnant! :)

  4. Chances are you *probably* won't be the first woman to stay pregnant forever. I was convinced that would be me at one time, but things worked out a little differently ;)

    You WILL have this baby in the next few weeks. I know time is probably going super slow right now and a few weeks seems like, but it's not and once baby is here you're going to wonder how the heck it all went to fast!

  5. Praying for progress!!! :-) I remember just a few short months ago when I was pregnant with my daughter that I felt as if I would be pregnant FOREVER. I'm also praying for positive thoughts, strength, and patience for you.

  6. Also praying for that baby to move southward and soon for you!

    I was convinced that my LO just didn't *know* he was supposed to come out and was perfectly comfortable to stay in there - and I was still convinced of this and crying about it - ready for this - !!during labor!!. My labor and delivery nurse assured me that no matter what, he was coming out. But I know how you feel. I think all women have felt that way at the end.

    And tell the women who try to tell you that the baby needs more time in there to shut up!

  7. Thanks for all of the encouragement ladies! It helps to hear that I'm not alone in feeling like this is a never-ending process!

  8. Awww, I remember that feeling. News like that can just devastate a person. I hated pregnancy. Seriously hated it.
    I feel ya.