July 21, 2011

Because I've Lost My Mind

There haven't been a great abundance of long posts on here lately and it's not because I've been all aflurry watching labor and delivery videos or practicing my Lamaze breathing techniques... though at some point I should probably pack our hospital bags. Or call our insurance. Or do something relatively useful around the house since this little one could be making his or her appearance now ANY DAY because we have actually had progress toward delivery!

Whether or not I will get my wish of going into labor and having this baby on Saturday is still up in the air (which is really the polite way of saying A SNOWBALL'S CHANCE IN HELL), but I'M WORKING ON IT! Pineapple, here I come. Among other lovely things that I can't specify because my parents read my blog and, as far as they're concerned, their first grandchild was dropped off by a stork. Ahem.

Eventually, I will be bringing some long posts back, but right now I'm a bit busy trying to find my sanity since I decided to switch up our plans for the nursery last weekend and began the process of refinishing a dresser. You know, minor projects like sanding detailed woodwork and multiple coats of paint. Because there's really no better time to start a huge project than when you're almost full-term in a pregnancy.

Bless her heart, my mother-in-law came over this past Monday and volunteered to go out to the garage with me and help sand down the drawers. Never mind that it was over a hundred degrees and, according to the news, literally more humid at my house than in the Amazon. Truth be told, I suspect she wanted to make sure I didn't die of heatstroke while sanding. She's nice like that.

Pregnancy Project, Insanity Version

Since Monday afternoon, I've made progress on the dresser. It's not quite done yet, but it's partially painted and, if I have anything to say about it, WILL BE COMPLETED BEFORE SATURDAY. You know, just in case lightening strikes and I get my wish. So if any of you have some surefire techniques to encourage this baby to make an appearance, feel free to share them because we're officially on Baby Watch here. Any day, any time... as soon as I get those hospital bags packed.


  1. If only I had some surefire techniques to induce labor and then I wouldn't have been pregnant with my kiddo for 12.long.days past the due date! Good luck to you! Looking forward to seeing progress updates!

  2. Thanks! At this point, I'm just hoping the baby will take a cue and decide that life on the outside would be cushier! We'll see...