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June 22, 2011

My Personal Rock of Gibraltar

And we're back! The past 48 hours have been a roller coaster around our house, wondering exactly what the game plan was going to be to keep our little one baking longer to thinking everything was fine to being rushed to a specialist to finding out the end results, all while trying to keep my panic levels from reaching the stage of DANGER, WILL ROBINSON! DANGER!

But I finally have the emotional energy to re-live the past couple days and share exactly what happened with all of you. Except for the part where this story may or may not relate to my sex life. And that's all I'm going to say about that. HEY-O!

After getting the fateful phone call from the OB saying he wanted me to go to the hospital and get steroid shots to help our baby's lungs develop for early delivery, I went into panic mode. My normal level of operation is generally in the realm of threat level yellow, but the events of Monday night rocketed us all directly into threat level blazing-fire-engine red. Let's just say it's a good thing my husband heard the voicemail first and was right next to me to keep the pregnant lady from hyperventilating and passing out into a heap on the floor. Good times.

Morning dawned after a sleepless night and I was on the phone with the clinic the moment that they were open. Once again, after talking to several medical professionals, I realized how blessed we are to be seeing a midwife and to have someone on our medical team who isn't screaming INTERVENTIONS! NOW! SLICE AND DICE!

Our midwife took a slightly more rational approach to the situation than the suggested course of action by the OB and recommended that we gets our collective butts into the clinic as soon as possible that morning to have the fFN test redone. Since I had stopped hyperventilating but was dangerously close to threat level mauve at this point, I threw my family into the car and we sped off to the clinic immediately to have another Q-tip jammed into my body and sent off to a lab for analysis. During the Q-tip session, however, the hubs and I learned that these tests are far from infallible. (Props to my mommy guru, Becca, who emailed me the night before to calm me back down and told me the same thing!) So the hubs and I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that we were in the clear. Threat level yellow.

But then, just for fun, my midwife checked my cervix again and, lo and behold, there was possible change from 24 hours earlier. This news, besides sending my threat level up to pink and DANGER, WILL ROBINSON! also won us an emergency visit to our local Maternal-Fetal Medicine clinic to be seen by a specialist that afternoon.

Jonathan and I waited for an eternity in the lobby of the MFM clinic which was only prolonged by the fact that they had endless episodes of the kids' cartoon Martha Speaks blaring on the TV in the corner. For the uninitiated, this show is not only endlessly amusing to children but doubles as cruel and unusual punishment for anyone over the age of twelve. I have one word for the creator of that show. LASSIE.

We were finally ushered back to be seen just as the Martha Speaks purgatory was ending and the seventh circle of hell, Arthur, was making its appearance. The clinic had all of our test results, including the fact that our second fFN test which had been performed that morning, had come back negative. The ultrasound that they performed only reinforced those results and as the technician examined my cervix with her dildo camera, I will never forget her descriptive language.

People, I apparently have a beautiful cervix. BO-YA. Also? It supposedly resembles the Rock of Gibraltar. Not quite sure how that's possible, but I was ready to take the tech's word for anything at that moment, especially since she had me in a somewhat compromised position with her camera wedged so far into my body that I was seeing my molars on the viewing screen.

The specialist came in and discussed the test results with us once I was given permission to put my pants back on. Despite the initial scare, everything looks good and the odds of this kiddo making a dangerously early entrance are extremely low. While we do have one more appointment with the MFM clinic next week to make sure that our contractions last week weren't caused by some other problem with our little one, we can tentatively relax.

So for all of you who have prayed for us and sent well-wishes these past few days, thank you so much. It was greatly needed and God answered all of our prayers in ways we couldn't even begin to imagine. For now, baby will keep baking and my Rock of Gibraltar cervix will be signing autographs tomorrow. Life is good.


  1. So happy to hear that everything is going better! I am glad that they redid the test and that you were able to be seen by people who really knew what they were doing. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers though, just to be sure.

  2. Thank you so much! We definitely appreciate the prayers and I totally agree with you about the medical staff- I'm very thankful that we're being cared for by people who really understand what's going on!

  3. Wonderful news! Sometimes modern medicine is really good at jumping the gun and scaring the pants off of us. Prayers for continued cervical lock-down.

  4. So happy to hear that everything is going well! :)

  5. I am so glad things are looking up, now let's make these little ones keep baking til AUGUST!