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June 15, 2011

Michael Jackson 2.0

During any Michael Jackson performance, it was a pretty safe bet that you could put cold, hard cash down on the fact that he would be doing his signature crotch-grab in the midst of a song and moonwalking around the stage. And apparently sometime in the last few weeks, the toddler caught on to some of these more memorable moves because every few hours, he toddles over to us and grabs his diaper.

No moonwalking yet. I hear that's next to come. God help us when we hit the plastic surgery stage.

But being that I'm the modern mom that I am, I quickly recognized the fact that he's performing these multi-platinum moves a few minutes before he dirties a diaper. And then I immediately dismissed it out of hand because I had absolutely no plans to even think about the land of little potties and Everybody Poops and M&M rewards until he was solidly past the age of twelve.

But then my in-laws mentioned it. And my husband and I discussed it. And many of you gave your input on Facebook. And I begrudgingly admitted that the allure of having only ONE child in diapers was too much to pass up and why not give it a try?

Sure, I've got nothing else on my plate right now besides growing a human being and decorating a child's bedroom and putting together a nursery and making my way through the Laundry Pile of Doom while I cook and clean and find the occasional ten minutes for a nap. Teaching my kid to hold it til he gets to the potty instead of squatting and grunting like a caveman in the corner of his bedroom? BRING IT ON!!!

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of potentially having an independent two year old who can potty ALL BY HIMSELF. But remember the whole solid food debacle? Oh yes, some things just can't be rushed, including the fact that I am not yet willing to share my porcelain throne or the five feet of personal space I get when I lock the bathroom door.

I have no idea what we're getting ourselves into. It could potentially be a huge disaster and will undoubtedly involve sopping up a lot of pee from our carpet. (Really makes you all want to come over for dinner, right? Bring rain boots.)

Then again, we've always wanted to replace the carpet in our house. And if it means that my toddler will moonwalk his way to the bathroom in the next couple months, this may just be worthwhile. As long as he quits grabbing his crotch or starts pumping out multi-million dollar pop hits in the process.


  1. My son recently started doing the same thing, but it is after he I think maybe I will wait and see if he starts doing it before! Good luck!

  2. Thanks! I think we'll need all the luck and positive thoughts we can get over here! But at least it's probably worth a try... I figure we can always stop if he decides he doesn't want to train yet. No harm, no foul!