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April 4, 2011

The Sexy Side of Motion Sickness

Growing up, I was the girl with the iron-clad stomach. At our local amusement park, I could easily down a funnel cake and brave a roller coaster without feeling the least bit of nausea. If anything, the 60-foot drop would only serve to make room for the next item on the junk food agenda, cheesy fries. Because if you've spent any time at all at an amusement park, you can rest assured of two things. First, the food is overpriced. Secondly, you will eat a lot of it... regardless of the number of weightless-zone rides on which you will endanger your life.

Unfortunately, something changed when I grew up. My iron-clad stomach disappeared and I found myself rarely able to ride in the back seat of a car, let alone pick up a book and pass the hours of a cross-country drive with my latest science fiction novel. And pregnancy? It tore me a new one in the area of motion sickness.

It started when I was expecting Nathaniel; riding in a car became a thing of the past unless I was the one behind the wheel. Even driving in the front passenger side was a spiritual experience as I huddled over my plastic bag in nauseated agony.

I'm not sure why I expected things to be different with this pregnancy, but somehow I found myself assuring my husband and in-laws that I would be completely fine sitting in the backseat of the car this weekend when we piled into the Honda for a quick drive. A mere twenty minutes and several white-knucked prayers later, I found myself at our destination, barely holding back the waves of nausea that were threatening to ruin the interior of my mother-in-law's car.

Because my husband is such a gentleman, he sacrificed the front passenger seat for me on the way home. We spent the drive pleasantly chatting away about good books and which type of car should be banned from the road for the sheer ugliness of its design.

I was fine the entire way home... until we pulled into the driveway. That, my friends, was the turning point. I felt my insides curl up into a little ball and scream in a pitch that I suspect only dogs could hear. I just made it out of the car before I saw that can of Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi I had been drinking earlier appear on the ground in front of me.

The unpleasantness continued for several moments, much to the amazement of my in-laws and the strangers approximately ten feet away on the sidewalk. And as hung my head over our front bush and tried with all of my might not to die of sheer embarrassment, I was reminded that there's really nothing sexier than pregnancy-induced motion sickness. Especially in front of your in-laws.


  1. Ugh, no fun. Hope your pride isn't too wounded! (-;

  2. Thanks! Tragically, I fear that my pride will never be quite the same- it's an awfully humbling experience when your whole family watches you empty the contents of your stomach onto the front lawn!

  3. Ugh. That stinks! This second pregnancy has done a number on me. I am waiting for that day.

  4. Same thing happened to me! I can hardly jump on a trampoline without feeling sick and I have a super quick gag reflex. One of those nice parting gifts our babies leave us with. Like hemorrhoids. All worth it, but not the funnest. (TMI -sorry)

  5. I still get grossed out brushing my teeth,its been 3 years since my last child was born. fml...