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April 1, 2011

The Cheerio Milk Affair

For weeks now, we've been heavily dependent on our staple breakfast food for the toddler- bananas. Gone are the days where we broke out the baby mush which so kindly caused many an episode of morning sickness for the pregnant lady. And though we have solidly entered the land of molars with our little boy, real cereal isn't considered edible by my son. After all, it's CEREAL, apparently considered to be a poisonous, devil food to toddlers which is known to cause certain side effects such as screaming, wailing, and head-banging on a high chair tray. Thus the bananas.

But earlier this week, we had a slight breakthrough. Sure, there was plenty of wailing going on while mommy ate her obligatory bowl of cereal and the toddler had already scarfed down his banana. He wanted nothing to do with the sweet and delicious cereal I offered those greedy little hands, but my cereal bowl? That was a different story.

Cheerio Milk

It was like I had informed him that Chiquita Banana herself would be coming to live with us. The leftover milk in my empty bowl was just the ticket to cure the toddler attitude. And upon handing him a spoon to enhance that playtime? Totally Mom of the Year.

Breakfast Love

But sometime in the future, it would be nice if my child would consume something other than a piece of fruit for breakfast. Or if he would request something other than ANOTHER BANANA for snack. So parents, send easy food ideas our way. Or a professional banana chef.


  1. Too funny. All kiddos go through the "they'll only eat" phases...for Ry, it was yogurt! Most mornings for breakfast she'll eat yogurt, a banana, frozen blueberries or cereal bars.

  2. cut-up pancakes, or waffles, scrambled eggs with cheese, cut up frozen grapes were a favorite! Toast with jelly, yogurt, oatmeal...Eden also loves boiled eggs, warm, with butter, salt and pepper, mashed with a fork. The pieces are soft and easy to pick up and chew.

  3. Garrett loves yogurt so we normally do yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast. Lunch is usally pb&j or mac&cheese, super healthy, usually with grapes or applesauce. We try to sneak some veggies and meat in with dinner. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's all on the floor. He usually has fruit with dinner too. Garrett is so picky about food, sometimes it makes me crazy! You aren't alone! ; )

  4. I have the ultimate picky eater, chemo has taken my son's appetite with it. He usually eats cereal bars for breakfast, gerber's are good, but Liam gets messy nutria grain bars for twice the calories

  5. Dawn, I'm so sorry to hear that your son is in chemo! I'm glad you've found something that worked for him! What flavor cereal bars does he like? We've tried the strawberry ones and all I get in response is the YUCK face. Haven't tried nutra-grain yet though...

  6. He loves strawberry and blueberry, won't touch the apple.
    You can read more about Liam at
    I often write about our adventures (read struggles) with food

  7. I am following from Twitter. I would love to give you bunches of advice regarding breakfast ideas for your little monkey, however, as a parent of 3 children ages 6 to 2 I can not. I know, but what I can tell you is this, they all go through a phase. As long as he's eating other things during the day, he's good. Try giving him some pediasure (my 3 year old who won't eat much, loves it), just to get the necessary nutrients in. Other than that I wouldn't worry much!

    I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  8. We still go through a bunch of bananas every two days. SERIOUSLY.