March 28, 2011

Pink or Blue, Part 1

For the duration of this pregnancy, I have gone back and forth, debating just what type of little person is perfecting a bicycle kick on my bladder, but I can't seem to make up my mind. With my first pregnancy, I had a gut instinct that Nathaniel would be a boy, even before the ultrasound confirmed it. And as for this pregnancy? That same gut instinct is non-existant, which  I have taken as a sign from above that I need to eat more frequently at Wendys.

Crunchy, fried deliciousness aside, today is a big day in our pregnancy because it's the day that every parents eagerly awaits... the twenty-week anatomy scan.

And yes, for those of you who have noticed, I am quite behind on the Peanut Gallery pictures. But as soon as I catch up on my trivia and edit pictures, I will be caught up. Hopefully this week, which assumes that the toddler receives this memo.

As of right now, the hubs and I don't plan on finding out the gender of our baby at the ultrasound. DID YOU HEAR THAT? THE WOMAN WHO GIVES CHRISTMAS PRESENTS 6 MONTHS EARLY IS EXERCISING PATIENCE! Naturally, this newfound talent of mine is driving everyone in our families crazy. One grandmother has already purchased clothes for both genders while the other is currently knitting a pink baby hat. After finishing a blue version, of course.

If I didn't know them all so well, I might actually be concerned that they've bribed the ultrasound tech to let the news slip... because that's the only way I plan on finding out today. Unless, of course, my patience doesn't hold up to the test, which would please my husband just fine since he's chomping at the bit to know if he'll be doing the honors of potty training a second little boy or if he can pass that baton to his wife.

So armed with a slew of quasi-threatening text messages from my younger sister about HOW I WILL NOT FIND OUT THE SEX WHEN SHE IS OUT OF THE STATE, I should make it through the ultrasound without getting down on my knees and begging the technician for a quick peek, right?

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  1. Good luck! We were patient the first time around, but I HAD to know for baby number two. I needed to find out if I should unpack all of girl #1's clothes or start shopping. Much to the dismay of my credit card company, it was unpacking all the way.