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March 14, 2011

Geek? Why, Yes.

A few months back, Jonathan and I decided to invest in Netflix for our family. Mind you, we have the cheapest possible option, but that still means that we can watch movies instantly on our computers. For the extreme science fiction nerd like myself, that meant hours spent cuddling up to my Mac in pure bliss.

Since we first signed up, I've discovered that Netflix has EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of my very favorite science fiction show, Stargate. And while I have religiously dedicated each naptime to the pursuit of valuable knowledge regarding wormhole travel and evil, replicating robots, I consider it time well spent.

Tonight, however, as I was taking care of a sick husband and an indignant toddler, inspiration struck. I suddenly realized that my obsession with this show had taken on a life of it's own when I informed my husband that the spaghetti I had cooked for dinner had magical, healing powers... like a sargophagus, only better.

Apparently, I need a new hobby.


  1. Anything with RDA is a win in my book! I used to have the hugest crush on MacGuyver

  2. I've heard much from family and friends about this Stargate. A nerd like me that hasn't seen it? You've talked me into it.

  3. Excellent, another convert! For what it's worth, the seasons of SG-1 and Atlantis are FAR better than the newer Stargate Universe. I wasn't so much a fan of those.