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February 7, 2011

The Gagasode

If you flip on the radio right now, you're more than likely to hear one of two artists blasting through your speakers and berating your eardrums; it's an epic battle of Beiber vs. Gaga. Since I can't bring myself to write about pre-pubescent heartthrob artists without experiencing the urge to dry-heave uncontrollably, I'm left writing about the artist who thinks that meat makes an excellent fashion statement. (For those who aren't familiar with Lady Gaga, like my grandmother, click here. Unless, of course, you actually are my grandmother, in which case I think you might be a little frightened to discover what kind of music the kids are listening to these days. Better to stick with good ol' Bing. The music may not be quite as upbeat, but he's not wandering around in public wearing nothing but a leotard and sunglasses, thank you very much.)

Since my own little monsters are going to be growing up in a generation that's just a little more familiar with pop culture and leotards than I would prefer, I thought it was appropriate to post an ode to Gaga... in a kind of twisted, I-will-never-let-my-teen-dress-like-you way.

I'm personally not a Gaga fan, but I have to give it up to the gentlemen of On The Rocks and Leo da Silva for creating this piece of work. Props, guys. And thanks for skipping the leotards.


  1. I love On The Rocks! But yeah, sooooo not a Gaga fan. Barf. And "Ke$ha"? Don't even get me started. I shall henceforth be known as Becc@, mmk?

  2. That's pretty cool! Is it just me or is the music better when people wear real clothing?

  3. I can't help but think that Grandma is all the better for not knowing who these people are. I enjoyed the On The Rocks cover!

  4. It scares me to death when my son knows more current music than I do. To be honest I think I enjoy Bing more than what they have out these days. Now in our house we have a Bieber fan, but hey shes 6. She is begging me to take her to the movie this weekend. I'm thinking about sneaking in one of those mini Jim Beams in my purse. Not sure how else I can get through it!

    Love the guys in the video, they really do it much better than Gaga!