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February 24, 2011

Because Money Grows on Trees

Remember that remodeling project I talked about oh so long ago? The one where our bathroom smelled like pee and we were gutting it as the hubs and I were both hacking up a lung? That project is more or less completed, pending the installation of a towel rack and a toilet paper holder. While I will eventually be posting pictures of that lovely new addition to our house, that project won't be considered fully complete until the toilet paper dispenser is installed and off of my beautiful countertop, thank you very much.

So what's a gal to do when she finishes one remodeling project? Well start another, of course! While I would've loved to get working on Nathaniel's new bedroom or even break out the paint on what will eventually become Peanut's room, neither of those were options because both rooms currently look more or less like this:


It's terrifying, I know. That picture would make an excellent audition for Hoarders, don't you think? The junk you see is but a small representation of the horrific combination of things we've stored for years, keepsakes, and piles o' junk I'm in the process of organizing for a springtime garage sale. Please, come stalk our house and buy our treasures. I'm begging you.

Unfortunately for our checkbook, we have a second bathroom that was just begging for my attention with a hideous combination of sponge painting, holes in the walls, and a border straight out of the 80's. It was one of those rooms I justified when we first moved in with the classic "It's not THAT bad..."

It really is.

So it came as no huge surprise when Jonathan came home from work last week to find me stripping wallpaper border in the bathroom and armed to the teeth with paint samples from our local hardware store.

He just sighed and shook his head. And then he asked my very favorite question in the whole entire world, "Are we staying in the budget for this?"

To which I responded with his favorite response in the whole world, "Money grows on trees, right?"


  1. You have to stop with the bathroom remodel talk! It makes me so jealous as we have an UGLY bathroom that I've been wanting to re-do forevah! Of course there are a few things holding up the process... budget and the fact that it's our only bathroom so when we do remodel it, it has to be done FAST! Scary. Anyway... I'm jealous of your bathroom remodel, but I can't wait to see the results!

  2. Sounds like there needs to be some serious conversations between you + your hubs about this before starting projects. Because unfortunately, money does not grow on trees + debt is a leading factor for divorce.

    Just a thought.

  3. I thought it was blatantly clear that my response to Jonathan was dripping with sarcasm, especially since he is the very budget-conscious one in the relationship. But since that clearly got lost in translation to a few folks, allow me to clarify. The hubs and I ALWAYS discuss big projects (and the budget for them) before beginning. Furthermore, we would never go into debt to complete a project like this, especially when it's an elective project and not something that needs to be completed immediately. Much thanks for the concern though.

  4. We have the same problem at our house- we start a LOT of things and then rooms start housing what was in the room that is being renovated- yikes! :) And I don't love the comment above- I totally get the sarcasm, I would have said the exact same thing to my husband!

  5. We have these conversations. Regularly. It just seems like the "budget" uh...grows...a little during the course of the project. Good luck with yours and I can't wait to see pictures!!

  6. Is that a SkiHut water bottle in that photo?!? Reading posts like this (minus snarky comments) makes me want to grab a paintbrush and go to town. Then I remember that we bought a house that was already "done" because neither me nor my husband are the least bit handy. I do enjoy watching other people's projects -- guess I'm down with O.P.P.