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January 19, 2011

The Way of the Bean Bags

I've previously talked about the toddler's mischievous nature, but this past week, it's been taken to an entirely new level. EVERYTHING has become a jungle gym and gone are the days where anything is considered safe. This has become so prevalent, in fact, that the hubs and I have made a very important decision about the state of our furniture. Bean bags, people. We're going entirely to bean bags.

First, it was the couch. After months of frustration and tantrums, Nathaniel finally learned how to climb up onto the sofa. It was our pride and joy for two whole minutes until we realized that our couch borders the railing... a railing that leads to a ten-foot drop down to our entryway. While it sounds exciting, believe me, it's not. Nor is it toddler-friendly.

At my insistence, Jonathan moved our furniture around the living room so the toddler wouldn't be able to base jump from our railing. Instead, he chose to climb from the sofa to our piano.

Our child is like a cat with nine lives.

There wasn't much we could do about the sofa-to-piano climb unless we fancied the prospect of moving our sofa back under the railing so we opted to do what any sensible parent would do, use those magic words: NO-NO.

It was all golden until this evening when Jonathan and I found ourselves downstairs in the laundry room discussing the state of Nathaniel's bedroom rug which had recently been pooped upon. Jonathan began walking up the stairs when I heard shouting. I stood there, Spray 'n Wash in hand, wondering what the commotion was, when I heard my husband's voice take on a strange tone, one of barely contained relief.

I walked out from the laundry room and looked up the stairs at the railing, only to see the toddler standing on the OUTSIDE of the railing, being held there solely by my husband's arms. After an entire year of unimpeded access to the railing by our stairs, Nathaniel finally discovered a way through it, despite the fact that I would've sworn up and down that he couldn't fit through those narrow bars.

Once the toddler was safely back on the other side of the rail, Jonathan and I took a moment to realize how blessed we were that God had been watching over our little boy. And in the midst of our gratitude, we promptly sat down at the computer to find a rail guard in order to prevent our mischief-maker from a repeat incident. Thanks to Amazon and the fact that my beloved Target finally failed me, we are overnighting the safety netto our house.

Between our new rail guard and the bean bags, I think we'll be set. Sure, we'll be known as the hippies down the block, but at least our child won't be creating a zipline across our living room in the near future.


  1. Toddlers are crazy aren't they?

  2. Crazy is about the right word for our little man.

  3. Oh lord, I would have passed out. Here's to safety nets & bean bags!

  4. Oh my goodness! My heart is pounding just thinking about it! Thank God he's okay! ((HUG)) for Mama!

  5. It funny how you never know these products exist until you desperately need them! Good save, Dad.

  6. My heart just dropped reading this. Thank God he was ok. I've never seen that net thing you ordered. It will be perfect for the railing!