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January 13, 2011

Send in the Nutritionist

I was a sandwich girl. Meats, cheeses, peanut butter, jelly, you name it, that was my go-to lunch slapped between two slices of whole wheat bread. But whether it's my new super-smelling powers or the fact that the spongy texture is somewhat appalling to me right now, sandwiches have become number one on my avoidance list this pregnancy. Oddly enough, last time I was pregnant, the item on top of that list was the smell of our shoe closet. And comparing my lunch to old socks and feet? Let's not go there, shall we?

Last week, Jonathan was making himself a sandwich as I was preparing a scrumptious delicacy I like to call Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Merely being in the vicinity of his wheat and ham sandwich was enough to coax my gag reflex into action. And following several dry heaves and the continued smell of that particular brand of bread, I made a trip to the bathroom where I was treated to the sight of my breakfast, stomach acid, and chunks of my large intestine.

Because I would like my colon to remain where it currently is and because I'm rather fond of the process of digestion, I have since made it a point to avoid foods that I believe will trigger this unpalatable response. Unfortunately, that seems to include any such foods that are even remotely healthy, such as carrots, salads, or even sandwiches. My lunches have gone from generally healthy to a deplorable state of whatever junk food or carbohydrates (other than bread) happen to be in our refrigerator.

That's not exactly what I want to be feeding my baby. Additionally, I would like to avoid resembling a beached whale at the end of this pregnancy and consuming dangerous amounts of Wendy's french fries is admittedly not going to help that process.

What's a pregnant gal to do? Choke my way through a salad and hope it stays down? Or order up another side of french fries?


  1. lol. I can relate. Right now I'll eat anything that I think will stay down. Good luck mama! :)

  2. I say for now eat what you can because something is better than nothing. Try eating several times a day in smaller quantities. Hopefully eventually you'll feel better and will be able to eat healthier things and keep them down. Till then enjoy the new sea salt Wendys fries. Haha :)

  3. Ugh! I couldn't go near salad or any poultry when I was pregnant with Garrett! I would just eat what you can until the morning sickness passes. You can focus on healty later! ; )

  4. Oh my gosh this brought back memories. I used to puke my guts out over the smell of cooking ham or cooked meat. I am so sorry you are going through that. I was sooo sick at the beginning of my pregnancy and could only eat food that sounded good to me (like you) after awhile it kind of swapped back over and I could eat healthier foods. So hopefully that will help you! Oh and zofran became my best friend! Ask your dr to give you some if you throw up all thee time!!

  5. Bummer about the sandwiches! I LIVE on those, today I had a sandwich for lunch and dinner...LOL. At this point, I wouldn't worry about eating healthy. I would worry about eating what you can and that saves your colon...hahaha. Last time all I could eat was Kraft Macaroni and cheese. You gotta do what you gotta do! Let's hope this will pass by 2nd trimester!

  6. Thanks for all the encouragement! I'm hoping I can start eating more healthy foods (including sandwiches) soon!

  7. I'm in the same boat. Mac n cheese and bagels are safe. Zofran is my friend. I figure that #1 turned out ok on my bad diet, so #2 should be ok also. :o)

  8. I would say eat what you can stomach for now, and maybe it will pass soon! I had a total food aversion to anything pork related when I was pregnant-weird right?

  9. Disclaimer: never been pregnant. Feel free to ignore everything I say. : )

    But with that out of the way, when I'm not feeling great my go-to food is a smoothie. It'd be especially good if you can drop some protein powder in there. My two favorites are banana/PB/chocolate and strawberry/mango.

    I add some plain yogurt (full fat is ideal!) and protein powder if I have it. Otherwise I've also been known to use ground oats for some extra substance. Throw in a handful of spinach (you won't taste it!) and you're REALLY golden.

    Good luck! And I hope the morning/noon/night sickness isn't too far from gone.

  10. I never thought of trying a smoothie!! Fruit is one of those things that I can still eat these days so that would be perfect, especially with oats- that sounds delicious!

    Thanks for the suggestion! I'll definitely give it a try!