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February 1, 2011

Males Bond Over This Stuff, Right?

Each year around the time that kids go back to school and I begin to remember why I hate teenage drivers, there are several flocks of geese that congregate in the field across from our house. It's a staging zone for their annual flights down to the land of palm trees, sunshine, and elderly people baking in the hot sun. It's always the same story; the geese arrive, the geese leave, and a solitary male goose leaves a special gift for the hubs.

How do I know that it's a male goose leaving this gift? Let's just say it's a male bonding thing. Or some type of territorial claim, in which case I won't be leaving our house once the glacier in my front lawn begins to melt in favor of warm weather and the return of those feathered devils.

It's just something about the exact position of our house, or more specifically, our garage door. For this goose, it's like a bullseye. Each year since we've lived in this house, we walk outside once the geese have made their escape to discover a nice, brown streak right in the middle of the garage door.

Of course, this phenomenon never strikes the garage doors of our neighbors, whose doors are different colors, in varying locations, and far less appealing to this strategic flock of honking poo-flingers.

This year, our male goose was a bit tardy in his flight south. For a brief, shining moment once the frost nipped at the ground, the hubs thought we were free of our feathered nemesis. And then we walked outside to see our garage door decorated in a fine layer of icy, brown sludge. Cleaning ice poop off the garage in the dead of winter? Forget it. The goose wins this round.


So if you come to visit our house before spring or sometime next fall, you'll know it easily. It's the only house on the block with goose poop frozen to our garage door. Welcome to our humble abode.


  1. Love this post and I can sooo relate. My inlaws used to live on a lake (Minnesota). I never tired of watching my eighty-something Father IN Law racing down the beach scaring away the "two-legged-eat-sh*t-machines".
    p.s I hear goose is delightful at 350 degrees for a long period of time :)

  2. Oh man. Well maybe there is a good obviously not solid though reason your garage is picked, lol! I guess that goose just feels comfortable on your property and just lets it fly!

    I use to live in Minnesota and I swear it seemed like there was goose poop everywhere.


  3. That would drive me absolutely nuts! We have a similar problem with our cars! If you park it in this one spot we get hammered with bird poop. All. Year. Long. Oh Joy!

  4. Alyssa, I just gave you an award today over at my blog. Hop on over and check it out! Happy Tuesday!


  5. Man, that goose would be cooked in my house.

  6. Let me tell you, we're about to start heating up the oven come fall!!