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January 3, 2011

Making and Baking, Part 1

Making and Baking is a four-part series that I wrote last year when Jonathan and I first began considering adding to our family. Because I'm a sucker for surprises, like breaking pregnancy news at Christmas, I decided not to publish this series until now. For your reading enjoyment, a look into the lives of prospective parents as we juggle the beginning of toddlerhood and babymaking.

Some things are sacred, which is why I don't expect this post to be published for awhile. But I haven't breathed a word of this to anyone, and for someone like me who publishes anything and everything, it's simply unfathomable not to write about this.

Over the last few months, the hubs and I have had several people ask when we're thinking about doing the dirty and making another bundle of pooping cuteness. To be honest, we weren't too sure ourselves, but those questions got us thinking and talking about what we wanted out of our lives.

Those conversations led us to realize that we want to have a family that includes more than one child. We want to give our son at least one sibling with whom he can share and play. And we don't want them to be very far apart in age.

So the big secret? I'm off birth control and have been now for the better part of a couple weeks. And to top it off, I'm also taking ovulation tests.

Those of you who remember how our first bundle of poopiness came to be will know that getting pregnant wasn't a problem here. The story goes something like this: Jonathan looked my way and suddenly, the fruit of our loins was necessitating the purchase of jeans with a stretchy waistband. That may be the G-rated version of the tale, but it's pretty similar to that explanation, or so the story goes. So why the ovulation tests?

Last time around, I got pregnant in March. As I'm writing this post, it's the beginning of November. If we don't find ourselves making and baking a baby in the next couple months, we just might end up with two kiddos with birthdays in December. While that would be pretty awesome for a second tax refund from Uncle Sam, throwing two birthday parties in tandem with Christmas celebrations and a hefty Thanksgiving meal might just be more than I can handle.

I'm all for heading to the nuthouse every once and awhile, folks. But this sounds like an annual gig to me.

So in the hopes of finding ourselves with a little Christmas miracle this year, the hubs and I are using good old fashioned technology to give us a boost in the babymaking department. But more than anything else, we're trusting, just like we did last time around. If it's meant to be, if God wants us to have another child at this point in our lives, then it will happen. If not, we have to believe that there is a reason for that and, like we've clearly seen before, there is always a greater purpose in that.

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