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January 26, 2011


Over the course of raising a child, every parent inevitably finds themselves saying things they couldn't have imagined speaking before adding children to the mix. We, my friends, are no different. For your reading pleasure, a list of the babyisms that have come out of our mouths this past year.

1. I can't get that smell out of the nipple.

2. I am an upside down penguin... and I say hello.

3. Do you have irritable bowels?

4. I can't do that- it makes my hips jiggle!

5. That is a four hundred dollar no-no!

6. Shall we go release the child from his pen?

7. Where is my oobala?

8. Yes, that would be easier if you had molars.

9. We don't play with the outlets!!

10. ...And that's why we don't chew on shoes.


  1. Please don't pick fuzz off my socks and eat it.

    Please don't eat hairballs off the floor.

  2. Love that first one! Just wait until they are bigger. I have two kids 11 and 6 and last night I found myself saying, "We all have to toot, but I think you can tell when its coming down the shoot, and get to the bathroom"! Never did I think I'd be saying those things!


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  4. Just found your blog through the Bump boards and I love it!
    Also: Don't eat baby Jesus!
    After I posted this I realized i should explain that the baby Jesus statement was made this Christmas about our nativity set :)