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January 4, 2011

Attack of the Blue Frosting

This last weekend we celebrated Nathaniel's first birthday. It was a bash worthy of his little highness, complete with chocolate cake and an obscene amount of blue frosting.

We started the planning process early in December, conquering our first big issue- the guest list. While it was feasible to invite 40+ people to the kiddo's dedication last May, we thought we would get a slightly different reaction from our guests if we asked them to go stand outside with their parkas and frostbite during a Minnesota winter. So in the interest of retaining my sanity and keeping things simple, we opted for a tiny family party to celebrate our son's milestone.

In the end, it was the right choice. The day of the party dawned and even though the little man had a cold, he was excited as some of his favorite people walked through our front door. We enjoyed a delicious meal (with my endless thanks to both grandmothers for their contributions) and did a little catching up with each other.

Gifts came next- things that the kiddo was thrilled to discover in his living room. He was blessed with clothes and some new toys, things much more age-appropriate than the rattles that are still in his toy basket.

Yes, it's high time to clean out that basket.

And then friends, it was time for the cake. We strapped the kiddo into his high chair, brought out his largest bib, and gave him his very own smash cake. It took him awhile to get into it, but once he realized that it was okay to play with this food, the result was epic.

Choo-Choo Cake

There was blue frosting. A lot of blue frosting. Everywhere.

The kiddo had a great time with his first taste of cake, at least until he started putting the frosting in his eyes. That was about the time that we broke out The Washcloth Monster to get all cleaned up, which turned into a three-person wrestling match, I will have you all know. Despite our best efforts, we just couldn't remove all of the cake that had petrified in his eyebrows and a bath was necessary that evening.

Too Much, A Little Too Much

It was a fabulous day, the most important part of which was that Nathaniel really seemed to enjoy himself and Jonathan and I were able to relax and celebrate our little boy.

Now if only I could motivate myself to take down the birthday decorations.


  1. I love the idea of a smash cake to play with - I think I might incorporate that into my next birthday party.

    It's still acceptable to do when 25, right?


  2. 25 is more than acceptable! Plus, I think it might be kind of fun to get to squish cake and frosting between your fingers. Hmm... we do have some leftover cake...