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December 30, 2010


Dear Nathaniel,

Today you are one year old. We have come so far in this last year together. I have watched you grow from a tiny, helpless baby into the adventurous little boy you are now. Every day you are learning new and exciting things and sharing that joy with your daddy and I.

This last month has brought about a fasciation with doors and buttons. You stand at your door for hours, opening and closing it, giggling at me as I pretend that I'm going to come tickle you when you open it. Whether it's your bedroom door or the cabinet doors in the kitchen, you are captivated by how things work. The same goes for anything with buttons, especially the remote controls to our TV and DVD players. Some day when you have your own children, I hope you will appreciate the fact that I sacrificed a remote to those little hands and teeth. And to this day, I still have no idea where you hid the back of the remote.

Although this month has been filled with joys and excitement, you have also discovered how to throw a very effective tantrum. When your daddy or I tell you 'no' or take you away from a danger like the electrical outlets or the stove, you arch your back and scream bloody murder. Should we try to pick you up, we have learned caution because this month you have also learned to bite when you are angry. My shoulders have taken the brunt of this new discovery of yours, something I'm hoping to discourage before your little sibling joins our family.

Tonight, you weren't feeling well as I sat with you in the rocking chair. Unlike your usual self, you weren't squirming to get down to rip your books from their shelves or crack open the toy box; instead, all you wanted was to be held. As we rocked back and forth together, it brought me back to those moments when you were a newborn baby and the hours we spent together in that rocking chair. I remembered what it was like to snuggle with you the day we brought you home from the hospital and how precious you looked in your tiny bassinet.

I miss those days with you, but I don't for a moment wish that we were back there. You are stubborn and willful, and the moments where you cry to be held are few and far between, but you are growing up and there is something truly precious in that. Your smile lights up the room and each and every kiss you give freely is a treasured gift.

I am so proud of the little man you are becoming, of all of the things you have learned, and all that you will be. I love you more than I can say and I can't wait to see what this next year will bring.

All of my love,


  1. Happy birthday, Nathaniel! Have a wonderful day with your little one, mama!