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November 29, 2010

Without Jungle Paint

Admittedly, there are parts of a remodeling project that are more enjoyable or exciting than others. Picking out the paint for our new bedroom? Exciting. Applying four coats of joint compound to cover the holes in the bathroom walls? Pure, unadulterated torture.

Once we got to a point where the sheetrock mud in the bathroom needed to dry before we could do much else, the hubs and I decided to begin tackling the project of our future bedroom. And tackling was exactly what needed to happen because that room had some serious issues. The kind of issues that included a wall color that hadn't been unearthed since the era of free love and a pink couch. Yes. Pink.

Incidentally, whomever decided to paint the walls a Jurassic Park Green should be dragged out into the street and beaten with a paint roller. That color was not easy to cover up. And, quite frankly, it did nothing to hide the spiders lurking in the corners.

Oh, the spiders! I kid you not, there were spiders in every corner of that room. Ask Jonathan. I'm not making this up and I don't do spiders, folks. Alive or dead. Truly, one time, my mother in law had to pick up a spider on my behalf because I was convinced that it was playing dead on my bathroom floor. Yes, we do have highly intelligent and malicious spiders living in our house, thank you for asking.

Believe it or not, despite my personal feelings toward creatures of the eight-legged variety, I am willingly making the choice to live in our lower level because the hubs and I eventually want to have another baby and the room layout of our home makes keeping the bedrooms close together a challenge worthy of our collective remodeling knowledge.

So after ensuring that there were no living spiders ready to scuttle up our arms or cause my premature demise, Jonathan and I patched the holes in our future bedroom and we began painting. While we didn't mind that part of the project because it went quickly, there was a rather harrowing moment where I sat perched atop our fireplace, sincerely hoping that it was built to withstand those extra five pounds of baby weight that are still entrenched around my midsection.

As a side note, we apparently have a very well-built fireplace.

After this weekend, I can now say that the room which was previously known as the Man Cave has two fresh coats of a gorgeous Thundercloud Gray paint and is looking more like the bedroom we've envisioned for ourselves and less like a scene from Jungle Book.

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