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November 3, 2010

An Unlikely Week

Monday morning dawned with the realization that this week was not off to a promising start. Nathaniel awoke at 5am, and so did Jonathan and I. The baby was happy to be awake and ready to kick off his day with a bottle and a giggle. The hubs and I, on the other hand, felt like death warmed over. Thank you, Virus of Death.

Because we like to share in our family, both Jonathan and I were loudly wishing to be knocked out and put out of our misery. And for those of you who know my husband, you know what a monumental decision it was when he stayed home from work.

Day one was filled with napping, a dangerous amount of zinc tablets, and an overabundance of joy that I am no longer nursing and am able to take cold medication once again. Throughout the day, Nathaniel was a trooper. He got up, made breakfast for his invalid parents, and quietly played in his room until nap time at which point... oh. No? Was that a dream? Dang.

The reality of the day was a fussy baby who was wondering why his parents were taking shifts watching of him and then collapsing into a heap of blankets on the bed. But the best part of the day was knowing that the hubs was home. It took some of the pressure off and made it possible for me to get a little extra sleep.

But then we had day two.

Day two was about the time that Jonathan and I decided that we were both pretty tired of feeling as though we had stuck our heads into a meat grinder. I think that Nathaniel picked up on that tension as well, because he refused to take his second nap of the day.

Flat. Out. Refused.

The hubs tried to put him down. And then I tried. Neither of us were successful, which means that our child has clearly inherited his parents stubborn streaks. Times 2.

God help us if he should decide to run for office.

So while the hubs and I hope to feel human again by this weekend, which just so happens to be the weekend we set aside for intensive work on our remodeling project, you can rest assured that I'm spending quality time drooling on my pillow. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to take a few shots of NyQuil and hibernate until this virus is long gone.

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