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November 7, 2010

Ten Months with My Little Man

Dear Nathaniel,

You are now ten months old and that little baby that I once held swaddled in my arms has become a wonderful, adventurous little boy who, given the choice, would prefer to survive solely on formula and cheddar bunny crackers.

It's been amazing to watch you learn new things this month. Standing up against the furniture isn't enough to satisfy your need to explore. Now, you walk along the sofa, giddy with excitement. Mercifully, this has kept you distracted from destroying yet another floor lamp in your living room rampage and has also taught you to crawl on your hands and knees instead of wearing out the stomachs of your shirts.

Your mischievous streak has been on overdrive this month and I'm out of breath trying to keep pace. From tipping over our living room cabinet to attempting to eat your bedroom rug, life with you is never boring, kiddo!

Since you seem to enjoy keeping your daddy and I on our toes, I would like to remind you that food is for eating, not throwing, spitting out, dropping on the floor, or painting on the curtains. As much as I hope to encourage your artistic talents, I would appreciate some restraint in the arena of food, since you seem to have developed a recent aversion to baby food, as you now feel entitled to whatever anyone else is eating.

Tonight, it was a Reeses candy bar. Sorry, Boo Boo. No peanut butter for another two months, although, as your daddy pointed out, the filling in that delectable chocolate candy probably isn't real peanut butter anyhow.

Chocolate cravings not withstanding, the last few weeks have brought about a new neediness for mama and daddy. You crawl to us and stand up, tugging on our legs until we pick you up. As difficult as this is when I'm opening a box of pasta with one hand and holding you away from the open flame on the stove with the other, I have to admit that I love it. Knowing that you want to be close to me is something I will cherish until that little independent streak rears it's head.

Ten Months

As we get closer and closer to celebrating your first birthday, I can't help but to think back over the wonderful times we've had these past ten months. It hasn't been easy for any of us, but having you in our lives is something your daddy and I will never regret. Like we always say, we love you for now, forever, and always.

All of my heart,

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