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November 30, 2010

Eleven Months with My Little Man

Dear Nathaniel,

You are eleven months old today. Eleven. You are so bright and cheerful, so willing to give hugs and kisses, and so full of adventure that it seems only fitting that you are growing up into a wonderful little man, but even as I watch you laugh and explore your way through these days and weeks, I can't believe that I have been blessed to spend eleven whole months with you.

This month you learned to say the word dog and you used it on a regular basis as you chased Grandma and Grandpa's cockapoo around the house. And then you shocked me several days later when I held up one of your little stuffed dog toys and asked what it was; without hesitating, you said dog and then crawled off to find another toy. Meanwhile, I sat there stunned, realizing that I had underestimated you yet again.

Along the topic of milestones, you had a big one this month. You stood all by yourself! As incredible as it was to see you stand, one of the sweetest parts of that moment was that your daddy was there to see it happen. Someday, you will probably know that feeling when you are all grown up and have your own family, but your daddy sacrifices so many of those precious moments to provide for us. It's not an easy thing for him to do, working day in and day out, knowing that he might miss your first steps or other important events, but he does it because he loves us. And in light of that sacrifice, it made that moment last week all the more precious.

Eleven Months

These past eleven months have been a joyous ride, but I often find myself wondering where the time has gone. It seems like some sort of cruel cosmic joke to think of how quickly this year has flown by. One moment I was in the hospital, cradling you in my arms, and the next you're talking and learning to walk. Somehow, I thought that the little baby stage would last longer. I thought that you would be content to snuggle in my arms for more than just a bottle. But even as I discover that I was wrong, I can't help but to be delighted in all of your new accomplishments.

Whenever you discover something new or achieve greater heights, you look up at me as if you are trying to say Look what I can do Mom! In those bittersweet moments, I know that you are growing up far more quickly than I expected that day that I sat holding you in the hospital, but I couldn't be any more proud of the little boy you are becoming.

All of my love,


  1. it is amazing how quickly the time goes by when you are watching someone grow up right before your eyes. my best advice, take a little time everyday to take it all in.

  2. That's great advice! As he gets older, I'm starting to realize how precious this time is. I think it's really important to allow it to sink in!