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September 7, 2010

It Changes You

Kids are awesome. Having kids is awesome. But there's no denying that those little bundles of pooping joy change your life. Parties and nights out become nursing sessions and snuggle fests at 5am. Your wallet is suddenly empty because you need diapers and formula and you are constantly dancing around a pile of plastic toys that threaten to send you straight to the ER if you are unlucky enough to trip over them in the wee hours of the morning.

Life with a baby is more than diapers, nuks, and perilous toys, because even though our lives have changed in the areas of freedom, time, and finance since Nathaniel joined our family, the hubs and I have learned that having a child has changed us personally as well. And if you ask him, it's made me a much better mother.

When I first met Jonathan, I was an adventurous college student with a bit of a wild side. I was THAT girl that wore a bright pink wig around campus, just for the heck of it. I was also the girl that regularly went out for a run at 2am. Oh, and I only had a single close-call with a debatably intoxicated driver on one such run. But really, what else could one expect in north Murderapolis?

Admittedly, there were times when I was a bit careless and on more than one occasion, I received a looks from Jonathan that were all QUIT BEING AN IDIOT AND GIVING ME HEART FAILURE, ALYSSA. I WOULD LIKE TO LIVE TO SEE 30.

With a few years perspective, I think I can safely say that there were times when those looks were well-warranted. Perhaps especially the afternoon we spent rock climbing in Red Wing where I scaled a rock face using a grand total of two pieces of gear. Had I slipped, that gear would have done absolutely no good except to look all nice and shiny as the paramedics gathered up my goey remains. For the record, I did not slip, but instead placated a very angry fiance upon my safe arrival back on solid ground which, in my opinion, was far worse than being put back together by all the king's horses and all the king's men.

There were more than a few times when I put my own mortality to the test. And more than a few times when I'm sure that God rolled his eyes at my stupidity, reached down, and decided to give me one more chance. Just one more shot... because He knew that I was going to need it to stick around long enough to procreate and put a little hellion on this earth.

I'm also convinced that He let me get away with half of those things because he knew the kind of stunts my own offspring would pull. If I believed in karma, I would be offering it a burnt sacrifice and cowering in fear. Lucky for me, I just hope that what goes around doesn't come around in a kind of sick, sadistic parenting justice.

And now I need to be done writing about my crazy days because my mother is sitting at her computer, having a heart attack over the stunts she never heard about. All those prayers paid off mom, I'm still here... but just a little less crazy.

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  1. How right you were to think that I would be sitting at my computer this morning, picking my jaw up off my desk, while simultaneously dropping to my knees in gratefulness to the Lord for answered prayer. Truthfully, I knew you were going through this phase of your life (just not the details) and it was yet another reason to be thankful for Jonathan and the steady grounding he added to your cavalier perspective. I love you, daughter-of -mine!