August 5, 2010

Tantrum Tales

Since I seem to be forming a theme of the baby in the bath this week, how better to kick off a Friday morning than with a baby first that occurred during bath time last night?

It's one of those parenting moments that you brace yourself for, the type where you know it's coming because you've seen it on TV and heard stories from other moms, but you lie to yourself to keep the fear away, living in blissful ignorance until the day that it strikes like a freight train.

The babe was happily sitting in the bathtub following the usual face-painting dinner of sweet potatoes and fruit when mama broke out something new. Something unexpected. Something exciting.

THE RUBBER DUCKY. From his reaction, you would have thought I handed my son the moon.

From that point on, EVERYTHING was the rubber ducky. The babe was all WANT TO WASH MY FACE? SEE HERE? THIS IS THE DUCKY. MY DUCKY. YOU CAN WASH MY FACE LATER, WENCH.

That was the general attitude I was receiving from Nathaniel. And amongst wrestling with my son to get him clean, he decided that it was no longer important to sit up... as long as he could hold the ducky.

A floppy babe made bath time even more challenging.

So I did the only logical thing, put the ducky away until the end of bath time. I gently took the ducky and put him on the water spigot where Nathaniel could see him.


Instantly, it was like I had flipped a switch. My semi-compliant child was gone. In his place was a tantrum-throwing, angry little boy who WANTED HIS DUCKY BACK NOW OR SO HELP ME, I WILL POOP ON THE LIVING ROOM CARPET.

We quickly moved the ducky out of sight and began singing an obnoxiously loud version of I've Been Working On The Railroad. Kiddie songs always do the trick, especially when sung at a deafening volume without consideration for the right notes. Nathaniel was distracted long enough to forget about the tantrum and his ducky. He obediently sat up and let me wash off his face and hands.


And when he was all clean? The ducky magically returned. And all was again well... at least until our next bath.

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  1. I found your blog through Top Baby Blogs! So cute. Love the ducky/bath story. Gotta love kids and their intensity. And our ability to distract them by doing things that we would never have been caught dead doing 5-10 years earlier. Haha!