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August 13, 2010

A Posthumous Mention: Farewell George

This morning at 5am, I awoke the hubs out of a dead sleep for one purpose, to kill George. George being the large and cunning spider which took up residence in my baby's nursery and was so influential in our lives this week that I felt he was owed a posthumous mention.

I didn't blog about this, but earlier in the week I was THISCLOSE to bringing the baby into the pediatrician's office thanks to some red spots all over his face, hands, and feet. And being the obsessive mama that I am, I also asked everyone's opinions on the splotches, including my mother-in-law, who suggested that they looked a lot like bug bites.


The mere suggestion of bug bites all over my baby made me want to run for the phonebook, call an exterminator, and live at a hotel until every last creepy crawly thing in my house was good and dead. I resisted.

Instead, I put on my Super Mom cape and immediately changed all of the baby's bedding. And subsequently pulled the crib away from the wall, determined to find and destroy whatever had been snacking on my little boy. I even slithered under the crib, hoping to find some sort of insect with three-inch fangs just so I could put my impressive squashing skills to the test, but alas, there was no bug in sight.

So I put the crib back against the wall and hoped that the bug had been trapped in the bedding that was now spinning in a very hot dryer.

The morning following my extermination efforts brought about no new red spots on the baby and I thought we were home-free. Until last night. Until George.

The baby began to fuss about 5am so I got up to feed him. Had the hallway light not been burnt-out, I never would have turned on the lamp. Had I not turned on the lamp, I never would have seen the monstrosity hanging on the wall above the crib.

Seriously, folks. I know that everything's supposed to be bigger in Texas, but this spider had clearly made the trip up north. Just to scare the heck out of me.

I snatched the baby out of the crib and went speeding into my bedroom where I awoke the hubs with the news that he could get up early and kill George because I couldn't reach him up high on the wall. Oh, and also because I don't do spiders.

Bless that man, he dragged himself out of bed and killed that spider with a smile. A smile! At 5am!

And then we all went back to bed. Although it took awhile to fall asleep because everything felt just a little too creepy crawly in our bed.


  1. haha, poor george! i bet he never saw it coming!

    true story: we had a small spider living in our toilet closet for a while that we named george. weird, right? i was okay with george living there for a while as he was (hopefully) taking care of other bugs. until we noticed that george had an egg sack. buhbye george(ina)!

  2. Yeah, I would've drawn the line at the egg sack too!! Ugh... makes me shudder just thinking about it!

  3. What a husband and Daddy! A smile at 5am! Love it!

  4. I hate spiders!! I see them and I run away like a mental institute pt. Hooray for our big strong men who kill em for us.

    The worst is when they pretend to be dead then jump back up and skitter away really fast. eeeek