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August 12, 2010

Keeping It Real, Condom Wrappers and All

As a mommy blogger, it can be hard to keep it real. When I write, you get a tiny glimpse into our lives and it's easy to only share the things that I want, the things that are humorous or cute. It's a lot harder to share the nitty-gritty details that make up our lives and the challenges that come along with motherhood. But I want to keep it real because I never want my readers to look at these entries and think our lives are oh so perfect, because that's not the reality we live. While we have been very blessed, we have our struggles just like any couple and any family. For me, one of the biggest challenges I face on a daily basis is balance. Balance between the baby and the blog. Balance between family and free time. And balance between my mess and keeping house.

More often than not, my house is a wreck. It may look clean in pictures, but that's usually because I bring in a construction crew and with a bulldozer to push the piles of unfolded laundry out of the background before snapping the photo. And while I have been making a concerted effort to keep things clean as of late, there are times that the mess takes on a life of its own and stalks around our neighborhood like Godzilla, terrorizing small children and old ladies.

When it comes to keeping things clean, one of the best housekeepers I know is my mother-in-law. Her house is ALWAYS clean with nary a dish out of place. In sharp contrast, I have PILES of junk stuffed into closets, drawers exploding with papers, and a kitchen counter that serves as my to-do list. If one day I am half the housekeeper that she is, my house will be spotless, my husband thrilled, and Martha Stewart will be on the phone, begging for advice.

I genuinely admire the way that my mother-in-law keeps house and I would like nothing more than to live up to that standard. But with a baby running the household these days, that goal can be a bit unattainable, especially when packing for a weekend away.

When you're leaving the house in a rush, things tend to end up out of place. Certain things that, shall we say, would be better off left unseen.

So when we were stuck in traffic on our way home and we asked my mother-in-law to stop at our house to pick up a backpack, she very sweetly said yes. And then my husband told her to go look for the backpack in our bedroom.

The bedroom that looked like a war zone. The bedroom where, right in the middle of the floor, was a used condom wrapper.

This is the part of the post where I die of embarrassment.

While I know that my mother-in-law knows the origins of her grandson and despite the fact that we have a great, open relationship, the used condom wrapper on the floor still makes me blush. And even though I know she won't bring it up because she's too classy to make me feel like a bad housewife, let's just say that it's been motivational for me.

To keep things clean, even when leaving the house in a rush. And to make sure those condom wrappers find their way to the garbage can. Because you never know when your mother-in-law will see the state of your bedroom.


  1. Oh I forgot to hide the KY when my mother was over. At least I'm not alone! ; p

  2. Ah! I know how you feel! My mom walked in and saw KY on our kitchen counter. Don't laugh. When the babe is sleeping in our room... we explore options. :)

  3. Hey girl, at least you and hubby are spending quality time and making time to "do the deed" Better to have a healthy relationship than a clean house! :-)

  4. This website ( )has some great tips and was very helpful for me when I needed to get things in order a few years ago. Hope you find it helpful

  5. Better to be spending time on that then on not important things like cleaning!

  6. oh boy! :) haha. reminds me of when i moved from one place to another and had my now husband and some cousins help with the move and they got the bed up and what was under it in the corner but a bottle of lube. yeah.