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August 30, 2010

Eight Months with My Little Man

Dear Nathaniel,

Today you are eight months old. Every time I look at you, I can't help beaming with pride at all you have accomplished this last month and how much you've changed from the little baby who slept peacefully in my arms to the little man with a passion for exploring.

This month you finally graced us with your ability to crawl. Ever since you first tentatively scooted across the room with the intention of commandeering my cell phone, you haven't stopped moving. Your enthusiasm for this newest hobby is infectious, especially as your daddy and I watch you discover your world in bits and pieces. Your reactions to AN ALARM CLOCK! A CUP! A FLOOR VENT! keep us amused these days.

Your passion for exploring has created more than a few interesting situations in our family. We've been over the entire upper level of the house trying to move things out of your reach, but despite our best efforts, mischief is never far from your mind or those little hands. Even this morning, you allowed your inner Hulk to shine when you tipped over our floor lamp. That's coming out of your allowance, kiddo.

Besides your passion for lamps and electrical cords, some of your favorite things to crawl for are your books. You love pulling every single book off of your shelf, spending hours mulling over them and looking at the pictures. I have to admit, one of my favorite things about this stage is walking into your room and seeing you surrounded by all of those stories.

The Books

This month has also brought about a few challenges for you, one of which being those two top teeth which have scraped their way through your gums with no small amount of discomfort on your behalf. It's been so hard to watch you scream your way through those days and nights of pain when all your daddy and I want to do is to make it better.

Watching you go through this teething experience and get some of your very first bumps and bruises as you began to crawl and stand up has taught me what it means to be a good mama. I've learned that I can't protect you from everything. I can do my best to keep you from nibbling on electrical cords and sticking your fingers into light sockets. I can protect you from falling down the stairs and discovering the bottle of toilet cleaner under the sink. But I can't protect you from everything.

To be a good mama, I have to let go, knowing that you will get hurt. When you learn to walk, you will stumble and fall down. When you begin to run, you will trip and bump your head. When you learn to ride a bike, you will fall and scrape your knees.

Through it all, I will be here waiting for you with open arms. I will pick you up when you stumble, kiss your boo-boos when you fall, and always be prepared for those skinned knees with a stockpile of band aids.

All of my love,

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