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July 22, 2010

Something About Being Home

This post begins the way many of my posts do, with poop. Big poop. Lots and lots of poop. Because that's what I awoke to this morning; a baby who had released the floodgates into his diaper. So I got up, changed him, and then we snuggled in bed together.

Fast forward to lunchtime as I was finishing up my turkey sandwich and the babe was beginning to fuss in his bouncer. I scooped him up, twirled shamelessly around our living room, and caught the tell-tale scent. More poop.

Those of you who have started babies on solid foods know that poop changes quite a bit once your child is eating more than milk or formula. Especially if you give him bananas. So two-a-day poops are a rarity around these parts now. And if lightening strikes and we hear those rumbles from down below twice in one day, you can safely assume that the second one is nothing but a trickle.

You are welcome for that mental picture.

So off we went to the nursery and I began unsnapping the babe's onesie, only to feel something slimy all over my hand. I looked down and my hand was COVERED in orange goo. The kind of orange goo that you hope to see contained inside of a diaper, not all the way up to your baby's shoulders.

So after swabbing my child down with an entire box of wipes and wishing that it had only been a trickle, we headed off to the tub where Nathaniel amused himself by trying to grab the water as mama scrubbed the encrusted remains of digested veggie crackers off of his back.

And upon exiting the tub and and getting some hardcore playtime out of the way, the babe decided he wanted lunch. Our menu today? A packet of spinach, peas, and pears, followed by a jar of applesauce.

Now, while we were on our trip, the babe was oh so good about eating in the car. In fact, we could go through an entire meal in the car WITHOUT DRIPPING ON THE CAR SEAT. But there's something about being home. Something that makes my child want to be messy. Something that makes him want to grab the spoon and fling spinach, peas, and pears across the room trebuchet-style at my white curtains. And then smear the remains all over his high chair as if he was finger-painting the Sistine Chapel.


We had a second bath after lunchtime. And then the baby decided to go down for a nap, leaving mama with a few minutes to catch her breath and chisel away the hardened spinach remains from the high chair. But at least it wasn't poop.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go bleach some green curtains.


  1. I know this scenario all too well. :)

  2. Oh my gosh. I read the first sentence, and then noticed the picture underneath. So glad I kept reading, because I thought he smeared POOP all over his face! Ha ha ha ha... so glad it was just food.