July 30, 2010

Seven Months with My Little Man

Dear Nathaniel,

Today you are seven months old. Every single day you are learning something new, whether it is a new word, a new action, or how to remove your very own diapers. Keeping up with you is becoming a challenge and every day is a new adventure.

This month was full of exciting things for you, the most memorable of which was the very first time you said DADA. Someday you will understand just how excited your daddy was to hear that word come out of your mouth. The fact that it has also become your favorite word isn't lost on him either, especially when you ask for DADA all day long.


This month, you have discovered the fun that can be had by banging toys on your high chair, as well as the cacophony of sounds that come from banging toys together. You love making noises, usually the louder, the better. This goes hand-in-hand with your love for music, which has only continued to grow. You love being sung to, and it is often one of the only things which calms you when you are upset.

This month also brought about our very first family road trip. Although that meant many hours spent in your car seat, you were such a trooper! You slept in a tent with mama and daddy for the first time, you went on hikes, and you had your very first taste of pancakes, something which you quickly decided was just as good as a meal of milk. Even though you didn't feel well for part of our trip, you had such a great attitude and your daddy and I were so proud of you!

It has been incredible to watch you grow this month. You now sit up steadily by yourself, which never ceases to amaze me. In my mind, you are still my tiny little baby; it just doesn't seem right that you should already be able to sit up and talk.


One of my favorite things you have learned this month is to reach. When your daddy or I come to pick you up, you lift up your arms and reach for us, excited to be held. Honestly, it melts my heart every single time.

I know that the day will come when you will be up and running about. You won't reach for me anymore and being held will prompt squirming and comments that "my friends are looking, mom." Those days will be here all too quickly and will bring their own joys and sorrows. But for now, you are my little boy. Today, you are seven months old and while tomorrow you may be coming into the house to hand me your new pet frog, on this day I am celebrating the boy you are, as well as the little man you are becoming.

All of my love,