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July 31, 2010

Oh Liners, How I Love Thee

A few days after returning home from vacation, we switched back from disposables to cloth, but not before I picked up a couple rolls of flushable liners.

Today, I can tell you that I have not rinsed out a diaper in FOUR DAYS. All the cloth-diapering parents out there know just how monumental that truly is.

To be fair, I should explain that I don't rinse diapers that are only wet. My diapering philosophy is that if I can't smell the pail from across the room, then all is well. And since we're using our converted Diaper Genie to hold dirty cloth diapers, the smell stays in place until laundry day.

But while we don't rinse wet diapers, not hosing-off a poop-encrusted diaper poses other problems, such as clogging your washing machine and thus being forced to explain to the repairman why he found a pound of green beans in the hoses.

So when it came time to wash out those carrot and apple remains, our family used a bucket in the tub. Primitive, but effective.

After hours spent on my knees next to the tub, scrubbing orange mush with my bare hands, I am lauding my newest diaper discovery because I am thrilled that the days of poop manicures are over. Of course, this wouldn't have occurred when my little boy was younger. While liners would have helped the scrubbing situation, liquid sludge poops have a way of leaking. Off the liner. Out of the diaper. Onto your jeans. Good times.

But we are solidly out of the liquid phase. And the sludge phase is likewise a thing of the past. We are now experiencing what I fondly call the Log Phase, which makes us a prime candidate for diaper liners.

And while it smells like death, there's nothing more exciting to see when changing a diaper... because that log sits neatly on the liner. It goes straight to the toilet and the diaper to the pail. No mess. No leak. No manicure.

Just one more reason to love cloth.


  1. i cloth diapered my first son and liners totally changed the naem of the game! genius!

  2. we've got disposable liners on hand for when baby starts eating solids. i have heard so many good things about them from others, so we had to try them out! :)