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July 4, 2010

My Favorite Fourth

I have lots of great fourth of July memories. Growing up, we always went to the same local spot to watch the fireworks. We played in the Carnival. We bought glo-sticks. And we oohed and aahed with the rest of the crowd.

This year was the first time I spent the fourth of July with my son.

It was with more than a little trepidation that we brought him to the fireworks with us, especially given the fact that he was CRANKY to the nth degree before we left the house. But with a prayer and a little hope for good luck, we piled into the car and drove away with a cacophony of screaming in the backseat.

Two seconds into the ride and the little man was out cold. And once we parked the car, the hubs successfully pulled the babe out of his car seat WITHOUT WAKING HIM (which really speaks to the immense talent that man has when it comes to taking care of our child). We spread our nice, comfy blanket on the ground and awaited the beginning of the fireworks while the babe slept peacefully.

In truth, I half expected Nathaniel to awaken screaming as soon as the noise from the fireworks reached his little ears. So you can imagine my shock and awe when I looked at my son's little face and saw him staring happily up at the bright lights.

In fact, he was perfectly content to lie next to mama and daddy on the blanket, holding mama's hand and watching those bright explosions streak across the sky. And he only fussed just a bit when he became tired and decided that the fireworks display was interrupting his beauty sleep.

But only my child could sleep through the majority of the grand finale. And only that same little boy could make this my very favorite fourth of July memory.

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  1. How sweet that he loved them - Bella did the same thing. I was so worried she freak because of the noise but the lights seemed to overpower that. I think it's so neat we get to make our own memories with our kids now.

    Sorry I haven't been around lately, I've missed your blog but I'm back now. Until things get insane around here again anyway. :)