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June 15, 2010

Scaling K2 in my Living Room

I am not a perfect housekeeper, but during the end of my pregnancy (specifically weeks 37-40), my house was SPOTLESS. Our floors were washed, dishes put away, and the beds were made. It was fabulous, but those days have long since gone the way of the poopy diaper.

After the babe arrived, the housework took a back seat to everything else going on in our lives. When does cleaning take place now? Mainly when we're having people over to our house, which always involves those critical 20 minutes before the guests arrive and some very creative ways of putting things away. Stack of mail, meet kitchen cupboards.

Now, don't misunderstand; both the hubs and I love when our house is clean. It makes me feel like we've accomplished something big when the house is organized and my piles of random junk are at a minimum, but even with a husband who is more than willing to pitch-in and help out, there simply aren't enough hours in the day to do everything! Between playing with the baby, running errands, cooking, taking a few minutes for ourselves, and maintaining a marriage, those stacks of mail and laundry tend to pile up until they cannot be ignored any longer. At our house, this typically occurs when we are scaling a K2 mountain of laundry with ropes and crampons each time we walk through our living room.

When I step back and look at the way I spend my time, I am the first to wave the white flag and acknowledge that I could be a better housekeeper. I could make the time to scrub the floors again and go through that endless pile of unopened mail. I could fold that mountain of laundry that is reaching dangerous altitudes while the hubs does battle with the dirty dishes, but where would that time come from? Playing with the baby? Those few moments of peace and quiet that allow us to maintain our sanity? Time spent relaxing with the hubs at the end of the night? It hardly seems a worthwhile sacrifice.

Reflecting on this makes me all the more in-awe of the ladies that do it all. To those of you who are working moms, who put in a full 40 hours, come home and keep your houses, all while being a mama, you have my undying respect and amazement.

And if you would please share your secret for how you do it all, I would greatly appreciate it. Until that time, I know that the laundry will wait and I'm okay with that. Because I would much rather play with my little boy and enjoy those moments than to risk being buried alive under an avalanche of socks.


  1. I don't even have a baby yet and I'm with you.
    It's not worth sacrificing the time you could be spending with N.
    I say let the mail pile up, let the laundry go to the side, and let the dishes stand in the sink a little longer.
    You'll have plenty of time to clean & organize when N is older and off playing with friends.
    Enjoy the time you have right now.

  2. have you seen She has some FABULOUS ideas. Alas, my house is still a disaster on a daily basis but I'm trying.

  3. Oh my goodness, I have the same problem. Last week of my pregnancy: everything was spotless. And now: I just realized I hadn't scrubbed the toilet in a month...

  4. This sounds exactly like me. I could definitely be a better housekeeper. But I spend my days playing with my precious baby and then relaxing and taking a breather when she naps. I try to stay on top of things like laundry and dishes. But sometimes the dust bunnies pile up a bit before I break out the vacuum.

  5. I think the trick is, you don't do it all :) That's the only way to stay sane. I work 30hrs, have 3 kids 6 and under and a very involved hubs. But the house is usually slightly messy, and there are stacks of paperwork and mail to go through. We try to tackle it all at least once a week, but on the average night--we let things slide for our own sanity, to spend time with the kids and each other. You're doing just fine!!