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June 29, 2010

Praying for Poo

In my never-ending quest to become Mommy of the Year, I fed a mashed-up banana to my son on Saturday. And then another one on Sunday, completely forgetting that BANANAS STOP YOU UP. They put a cork in things, so to speak, and that is where we find ourselves tonight.

Clogged. And very, very unhappy. You would be too if you hadn't pooped since Saturday morning.

You know it's bad when you start asking your relatives to pray for baby poop. It's one of those phrases you never expect will come from your mouth, especially during those weeks of new parenthood when you are experiencing explosive orange poops for the very first time.

But the days of liquid poops have gone the way of the dodo, and if Saturday morning's two-man poop cleanup job was any indication, we are now squarely in the sludge/solid poop phase. And let me just tell you, it does not smell like roses. If you are a brand new parent, I implore you to ENJOY the poop smell while it is still tolerable. As for me, I'll be investing in a gas mask shortly.

Despite the smell, it has come to the point where I would welcome that tell-tale stench coming from the diaper if it meant that my little boy had some relief. As we sat in the living room tonight, Nathaniel was clearly uncomfortable, stopping every now and again with that concentrated look on his little face in an effort to poo.

We have introduced solids and are constantly allowing our son to try new and exciting things with his food, but we would like to discourage the habit of holding said food in his bowels for four days. Unfortunately, mama's mistake cannot be un-done and we are now awaiting the backdoor resolution.

In the end, it comes down to THINKING before I feed my child. Had I paused to consider the effect that the second banana in two days could have on Nathaniel's infant digestive tract, I might have instead reached for prunes over the yellow devil fruit on day number two.

I may lose Mommy of the Year for this and watching my son struggle has caused the mommy guilt to settle-in, which is accompanied with the resolution not to make this mistake again. Being a mama is a learned process and I'm no more perfect than the next mother. I've had my share of mommy-fail moments and this will be a lesson well-remembered as we continue our solid food adventure. But for now, we are merely hoping for a full diaper and a peaceful infant.

Please pass the prunes.


  1. Isn't the smell HORRIBLE now!!! I'm not looking forward to those when I get pregnant again. Maybe the apple will help loosen things up too! Don't beat yourself up, we all mess up from time to time. It comes with the job. You're a great Mama!

  2. My sons pedi suggested giving him 1 part apple juice mixed with 1 part water. The sugar in the juice helps loosen things up. I hope that helps get things moving for your little boy!

  3. oh boy. fortunately for us, lovie LOVES her apples (good for poopin'!) so she usually has some at some point in the day (we're feeding solids thrice daily). ::lets go poop!::

  4. Good grief, is this what I have to look foward to? My Caleb is only 3 1/2 months old--- if this post is any indication, then what I think is bad now is only going to get worse- whew!


  5. Aww poor little guy! Well don't feel guilty because Banana's don't always have that effect. He must just be one of the "lucky" ones. My kids all have had bananas regularly and no pooping issues. They eat bananas regularly from about 7 months on!

    I hope he gets some relief soon, though. Poor little guy :(