June 4, 2010

It's Been 24 Hours

It's been 24 hours and 5 diapers... since my son pooped. While some may not consider this blog-worthy, I simply can't keep this to myself. Because this is THE LONGEST we have gone without a poop. And I'm cowering in fear in the corner.

A couple weeks ago when I had the chance to meet up with a few lovely local bloggers, Nathaniel demonstrated his Olympic pooping skills in front of all the ladies. This is a habit we hope to curb by the time he reaches puberty.

While not the first time we'd had a public diaper blowout, complete with poop halfway up his back and all over his legs, it was a bad one. A two-man cleanup job and mercifully, Allison of O My Family held Nathaniel's hands and kept him entertained while mama scooped, wiped, sanitized, and changed the babe.

The reason for the blowout? Nathaniel hadn't pooped that morning or the night before. Thus prompting the need to vacate his bowels with the force of a nuclear explosion in the middle of a crowded cafe.

And now we find ourselves in that very same situation.

Throughout the day, there have been several false alarms that sent us scurrying into the nursery, only to discover that the poop noises coming from the diaper were in fact baby farts. After the second wet diaper sans poop, I decided that the child who typically enjoys a good poop every hour on the hour was intentionally holding it in JUST TO MESS WITH MAMA'S HEAD.

Good Lord, the mischief has started already.

While it will be a relief once the Great Poop of 2010 has passed, until that time, I will be breaking out our biggest, thickest tarp. Look Nathaniel, a new blanket...


  1. haahahah. Yeah, Ella Grace poops at least once a day, and if she skips a day, I also prepair myself for a blowout! Glad to hear I'm not the only one :)

  2. Logan is the same way. He poops several times a day...at least 5 usually more. Well, he didn't poop at all on Wednesday from about noon onward, plus didn't go in the morning. Thursday morning brought on a clothes changing, then 2 more changes in the afternoon.

    I completely agree, I think they hold it in on purpose if for no other reason to just see our funny faces and the funny sounds we make when they do make the mess of a century over and over again.

  3. Nice to hear that we aren't the only ones that dread the explosive poops!!