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June 9, 2010

For Nursing and Conversing

Congratulations to our winner, Lisa F, who was selected by Much thanks to those who participated!

If you're a nursing mama, you've probably heard of Baby Bond, a company that has created a nursing cover that won't leave you and your baby dripping with sweat after a feeding. Why? Because the days of covering up with a blanket or traditional nursing cover are over!

Baby Bond has created a comfortable nursing cover that allows a mama to maintain her modesty while feeding her baby out in public. The lightweight cover has two layers that spread apart to keep mom covered while allowing the babe to nurse.

We opted to try the Flex nursing cover, one of three styles made by Baby Bond. The Flex cover is worn like a sash and comes with a removable burp cloth. Those of you who have been the recipients of Nathaniel's geyser-like spit-up following a meal understand just how essential this became as part of the feeding process.

I first used the Baby Bond cover while nursing at my in-law's house. The first time, it was a little awkward. Positioning the cover JUST SO in order that my boob wasn't hanging out for all to see while handling a squirmy, hungry baby was a bit challenging. But once he settled down and we began to nurse, it was clear that nursing using this cover was going to give us an entirely new level of versatility.

Having used the Baby Bond cover several times now, I can say that I genuinely appreciate being able to see my son while nursing rather than stuffing him under a nursing cover that becomes entirely too hot, especially during the summer. The only challenge? A grabby baby. Although I have lost SOME modesty since my evolution into a mother who is completely comfortable nursing in public places, I don't enjoy flashing that 13-year-old boy at the restaurant when Nathaniel grabs the cover and yanks it down. VIGILANCE. It's an important part of this process, mamas.

All in all, our family likes our new nursing cover, especially when the babe is nursing calmly with mama holding his hands. It provides increased flexibility when nursing in public, the burp cloth is VERY absorbent (thank you for testing this out, dear son), and best of all, the babe and I won't overheat when nursing outside during the humid Minnesota summer.

Because we love the Flex cover, Adventures of the Stay At Home Mom has partnered with Baby Bond to offer one lucky reader the chance to choose a cover from the Baby Bond collection!
How can you get your own Baby Bond cover? Become a follower of Adventures of the Stay At Home Mom on Google Friend Connect (right-hand column) and "Like" Baby Bond on Facebook. Leave one comment back here telling me that you liked Baby Bond and you'll be eligible to win! The giveaway will close at noon on June 14 CST and the winner will be selected by

And because the people at Baby Bond want everyone to get a chance to experience their wonderful nursing covers, they are giving 25% off to readers of Adventures of the Stay At Home Mom! Just type in the code "mom" in the checkout (good through 6/30).

Disclosure: I was not paid to write a review on the Flex nursing cover. Although I received the cover for the purposes of a review, the opinions expressed are my honest view of the product. My thanks to Baby Bond for providing their product.


  1. oooh i already LOVE baby bond on facebook and have followed you for quite some time! :)
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    I too HATE how hot both Logan and I get, this would be GREAT!!

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