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June 1, 2010

Five Months with My Little Man

Dear Nathaniel,

You are five months old now and it seems like yesterday that we met for the very first time. In these last five months, you have grown so quickly and you continue to amaze me every single day. Just this morning, you saw me drinking out of a normal cup and did everything in your power to hold the cup on your own so you could take a drink too.

You have started eating solid foods and you don't hesitate to tell your daddy and I what you like and don't. Your favorite food of the moment is squash and you hate green beans. It's ironic; you are like your daddy in so many ways, but you have clearly inherited your taste buds from your mama. Mac and cheese, here we come!

Although you've been drooling and teething for quite some time, your first tooth is now on its way through. It's been accompanied by many tears and sniffles on your part, and many snuggles and kisses on ours. It's become clear over these last few months that you have your own way of doing things and teething is no exception! Your first tooth is coming in on the side of your mouth and you show no intentions of getting your front teeth just yet.

You still can't stand tummy time, but your daddy and I do our best to make it interesting for you. We lay down next to you, hoping to entertain you with funny faces, animal noises, and games of peekaboo. Inevitably, tummy time ends when you stick out your lower lip, furrow your brow, and start crying. I know you hate it, but someday I hope that you realize that we were doing it for your own good.

This week, you discovered your feet and you laugh hysterically when I tickle them with kisses. You love to grab them when you lay in your crib and your latest interest keeps me vigilant during diaper changes as you wiggle all over the pad to reach your toes.


This time is going by so quickly and every time I turn around, you are learning something brand new. Part of me wants nothing more than to snuggle up to you and stay in this moment, but each and every new phase we go through together is so exciting.

I can't wait to see you crawl, to take your first steps, and to learn how to throw a baseball, but each first you've already experienced has been bittersweet. I want you to grow up, to be big and strong like your daddy, but I will miss holding you in my arms, tickling your feet with my kisses, and snuggling you into your crib with your favorite blanket. But until the day comes when you're all grown up with your own little boy, I'm going to enjoy every single moment we spend together. I'm going to celebrate all of your firsts and tell the whole world how much I love being your mom.

Happy five months, little man.



  1. Wow! that was beautiful it made me cry at my desk XOXO thank you for sharing your life with us.

  2. that was very beautiful, I wish I could write like that, my kids are almost 7 and 5, wish I'd written some things down that were happening at the time. Thank you so much for sharing your SAHM adventures with us all :)

  3. You brought me to tears this morning reading this...I remember all these same thoughts and feelings while raising you. It's as if they were just a breath a way!

  4. A new reader!! I can so identify with your letter. My little man has just turned 2 months and I want to bottle each special moment- he is growing so fast. Enjoy it all,