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June 21, 2010

Fighting the Why Bother Mentality

While motherhood is exciting and wonderful, it isn't all puppies and rainbows. It's drool. It's poop. And for those of us not blessed by immaculate skin, it's a saggy tummy.

Remember how I told y'all about my 50-inch pregnant belly? While I am inclined to exaggerate most everything (like the size of that HUGE SPIDER that nearly murdered me in my bathroom last week), the size of that belly was scientific. Measured. Repeatedly.

Many of you who had smaller baby bumps or those of you who are of the male variety don't know this, but when your skin becomes THAT stretched, it doesn't go back to its previous state without the aid of a Hollywood plastic surgeon. And while a little give and take can happen after the post-baby belly-shrinkage, even my OB agrees with me- that nice, sleek belly is just not in the cards for me.

So thanks to the Sad Old Man (my pet name for my new belly), these days I am finding it impossible to be motivated enough to exercise. I know that no matter how many crunches I do, I'm still going to have that extra skin hanging around my midsection that makes me look as though I survive solely on donuts and Coke.

This wouldn't be an issue except for the fact that never in my entire life have I exercised JUST TO BE HEALTHY. There has always been some ulterior motive like losing weight, toning up, becoming a better volleyball player, or breaking my fastest mile time. But to exercise purely because I want good cardiovascular health? The idea makes me want to vomit. And cement my buttocks firmly to my couch as I stuff my face full of cheese curds.


I want to be around to see my baby grow up. I want to see him graduate, fall in love, and perhaps have a family of his own. And in the more immediate future, I want to be able to go hiking with the hubs when we go on vacation next month without wheezing and needing to be airlifted to the nearest oxygen bar.

So this means I need to put down the cheese curds and get off the couch. It means that I hope the weather turns from a constant downpour into some decent sunshine so I can start running. And it means that I need to fight the Why Bother mentality. I may never have a pretty tummy again, but I still have at least two reasons to exercise, both of whom are ready and willing to step out the front door with me to go for a walk.


  1. I wouldn't trade my beautiful healthy baby boy for no stretch marks, perfect boobs, and a flat tummy. I know you wouldn't either! ; p Funny how motherhood changes your view on things!

  2. you and i have so much in common. my stomach looks like an old man, too!!! wasn't sure if anyone else's belly button turned into a nose after they deflated. glad i am not alone. and the working out thing is going to be super hard for me, too. i've never worked out in my life either! :-/ good luck!!! you can do it!!!

  3. I have been trying to get off of my duff and shake that same attitude. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Sadly, my belly is 50 inches right now and I'm only 34 weeks! I can't imagine what it's going to look like by the time I deliver. I'm hoping I can adopt your "get off the couch" attitude afterwards as well! Good luck!

  5. You'll be able to do it!! I'm on day two of working out now (which I'm counting as a huge accomplishment) and I'm trying to just take it one day at a time. It's tough, but one of my friends pointed out that I can still make an effort to exercise to show that I haven't just let myself go... even if my tummy looks like I only eat donuts!