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June 24, 2010

An Enema for my Closet

In conjunction with this post, I realized that it was high time to update my wardrobe. Let's be realistic; I have things in the bowels of my closet that didn't fit me before I got knocked up. And as much as I love t-shirts, some of them are simply never going to fit, no matter how much time I spend with Jillian.

Incidentally, I am holding Jillian personally responsible as to why I am hobbling around my house in blinding pain tonight. Stupid lunges.

But before I became an exercise-induced invalid this evening, the babe and I made a trip to our local mall in an effort to find some clothes for mama that didn't accentuate the midsection. Because unless you're Heidi Klum walking a runway a mere six weeks after giving birth, you don't need to be wearing clothes that say WHY, HELLO HIPS.

Try finding something like that in the stores today. You'll need a compass and a map.

So the babe and I spent the better part of our afternoon scouring the mall trying to find something that 1) fit mama's new and enhanced bustline 2) didn't showcase the Sad Old Man to the world and 3) wasn't clinging to my hips like that extra helping of chocolate trifle from this weekend. All while trying to keep a teething babe from screaming in the dressing rooms. Not an easy task, mind you.

And after visiting no fewer than five stores, the babe and I finally stumbled across a shirt that sufficiently hid the hip region while we were perusing Aerie. And in a twist of fate (and thanks to an overly-zealous salesperson) I paired it with a another shirt and VOILA, a combination was born that said HIPS, WHEREFORE ART THOU?

So in spite of my lack of fashion know-how, I managed to find an outfit that was semi-flattering and rather in-style. My sister would be so proud.

Now if only the rest of my wardrobe could be so inspired.


  1. omg is that you? you look great!! you look very slim! CONGRATS mama!

  2. Super cute outfit. I too find myself in mommy clothes and need to be reminded to break out the big guns and strut my stuff sometimes.