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June 20, 2010

Dear Jonathan

Dear Jonathan,

Today is your first Father's Day and I am so excited to celebrate! I've been looking forward to this day for weeks and it's finally here. While I could go on and on about how I hope you like your gifts and how I pray that the weather will hold for our picnic, it all pales in comparison to the meaning of this day. You are such an amazing father and I want the whole world to know it.

You are so patient with our little boy, whether you are changing yet another poopy diaper, entertaining during tummy time, or soothing teething cries. You are ever the ready playmate, making noises and funny faces to elicit those joyful giggles. And you are always there to hold our son, to snuggle him in the mornings or read to him before bed.

Even at five months old, Nathaniel knows you as an important part of his life and he loves you. He looks at you like he does no one else, memorized with amazement and admiration.

Beyond being a wonderful father, you are also a great husband and my partner in this adventure in parenting. When I fall short as a mother, you are always there to step in and help. You are my extra portion when I simply can't do it anymore, when I can't change one more diaper or listen to another moment of crying. In those moments when I'm at my worst, I know that I can depend on you, and that speaks volumes about you as a man and a father.

So today, I celebrate you for all that you are. You are my very best friend, my lover, and the father of my son. There's nobody I would rather be on this journey with than you.

Happy Father's Day, babe.
All my love,


  1. What a lovely tribute to a wonderful husband and father. It rings so true of the man I have the privilege of calling my son-in-law (or just "son") and reminds me of the amazing man in my own life who you so fondly refer to as "Dad." Happy Father's Day to both of them!