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June 16, 2010

Date Night with Bread Boy

It's easy to forget how much fun you can have with your best friend until you get to spend time together. Time sans baby.

Jonathan and I have had one date night since Nathaniel was born, due in no small part to my separation anxiety. But it's slowly getting easier to leave the baby for a few hours and spend some much-needed time away, especially when it involves an opportunity to spend time alone with the hubs.

After my THANK YOU LORD THAT THEY LIVE SO CLOSE AND LOVE BABYSITTING in-laws arrived and were settled in with the babe, the hubs and I went out for dinner at a nice restaurant. One which provides a basket of bread as you wait for your food. And because our bread was delivered by a bus boy who looked suspiciously similar to Edward of the Twilight Series, the two parents who were positively giddy to be out by themselves had a little too much fun:

J: Look! It's Bread Boy. He is so proficient with his bread skills.

A: We should talk to his manager. He deserves a promotion- to Bread Man!

J: But he's getting lazy. He hasn't delivered bread lately.

A: Then we should demote him.

J: Back to Bread Boy?

A: Bread Baby.

J: You're a harsh boss.

After enjoying our meal, some TO DIE FOR sorbet and the adventures of Bread Baby, the hubs and I headed out for a quick walk before returning home. That walk may or may not have included pretending to eat a giant apple. Or, as it was in the case of the hubs, posing next to the apple to placate his easily-amused wife.

Between Bread Boy, the giant apple, and a dinner that was only interrupted by a crying baby at one point AND HUZZAH IT WASN'T MY CHILD, the night was a success. It caused me to remember how much I value time alone with my best friend and why we got married and wound up with a baby in the first place.

Apart from a wonderful and relaxing evening, the hubs and I came to an important decision tonight. Separation anxiety not withstanding, there will be more frequent date nights in the future! Because we love each other, we value our marriage, and we enjoyed laughing at Bread Boy.

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