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June 10, 2010

Chronicles of the Convertible

Awhile back, I wrote a post raving about the simple installation of our Chicco infant car seat. And in typical newbie parent fashion, we assumed that all car seats were created equal. If one car seat takes ten minutes to install, they must all take ten minutes, right? And since we had installed one car seat, we were seasoned pros; we should be able to install a second one with our eyes closed!

Boy, were we wrong.

At a mere FIVE MONTHS, Nathaniel was on the verge of outgrowing his infant seat and it was time to start looking for a new one. I talked to other moms, researched online, and made a trip to Babies R Us to peruse our options. And because we wanted to buy a car seat that was going to last us longer than two seconds, we settled on the Evenflo Symphony Convertible Car Seat because it's one of very few car seats on the market today that holds 5-100 pounds.

I challenge my baby to outgrow that car seat in 5 months.

I had the car seat out in the garage the moment the hubs got home from work. And bless that man, he knew I couldn't wait another minute so he agreed to install it right then and there.

We naively thought that the installation process would be simple so the three of us piled into the backseat. Jonathan installed, Nathaniel grabbed at the straps, and mama contributed by documenting the occasion on camera.

AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER, we (the hubs) were done. We conquered level issues, seat belt problems, impossible locking mechanisms, and a baby who demanded an all-expense paid trip to the dairy farm halfway through the process.


The installation was ridiculously difficult, but I'm thrilled that we have a car seat that should last a bit longer than its predecessor. Ensuring that it would keep our little boy safe was more than challenging, but worthwhile given that Nathaniel fits into his new seat comfortably and his parents have peace of mind about his safety.

All this to say, next time we buy a car seat, the hubs has informed me that it will be a Chicco.


  1. does Nathaniel have red hair?! or is that just the lighting?

  2. I think it's just the lighting of the late-afternoon sun. Really, his hair is more dark blonde/light brown!

  3. You KNOW you married a saint of a man! I think he deserves a nice back rub from you, or perhaps a big batch of chocolate chip cookies!

  4. He looks so happy in his new car seat!!! I wish Josiah liked his own. It's most definitely his least favorite thing in the world right now. Not fun!