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June 3, 2010

Because the Twins Are Not a Chew Toy

My child's curiosity knows no bounds. After Nathaniel recently asked to drink out of a normal glass, I seriously debated the benefits of breaking out the sippy cups, if for no other reason than to take pictures of the milky mess which was sure to follow. Because I'm a sucker for spilled milk and anything that makes my baby smile, I caved.

All in all, it was pretty cute. He grabbed the handles to his cup and chomped down on the spout like I was offering him his first taste of chocolate. And once he had a grip on the cup, he had no intentions of letting go. When I tried to adjust it in his hand, the look on his face was clear. BACK. OFF.

God help us when we reach the MINE stage.

I would've taken pictures of this baby first, but thanks to the dinner which had immediately preceded the sippy cup, Nathaniel was resembling the Jolly Green Giant, covered head to toe in green beans. As such, dumping 5 ounces of milk all over his neck and bib just didn't make much difference.

The only down-side to giving Nathaniel a sippy cup? I'm fairly certain my boobs will live to regret this moment. The way he was chewing on the spout made me break out in a cold sweat just anticipating what nursing is going to be like once he decides to make my boobs into a chew toy. Perhaps that will be the end of nursing for our family.

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  1. I'm a little nervous about teeth too! He's not exactly gentle right now! ; )